Soul Mate Honey

If you live in North America, and spend any time chatting with strangers or reading email, you’ve probably learned to stay away from Nigerians.  It’s sad, because there may be normal nice people from Nigeria, but not most.  It seems they take classes and read books on how to meet North Americans and scam them.

I tried to stop several times.  I was abusive, insulting and sarcastic, but Nigerians don’t give up easy. Some will chat with you for weeks and months if it looks like you may give them money.  This was an especially odd exchange.

I personally like to have fun when they chat me.  Here is a transcript of today’s exchange.  The name  luvly has been changed to protect the assumed innocent.

TOTALLY AT RANDOM CHAT.  I have never chatted with this person before. BE MY SOULMATE. Feb 5th, 2006

10:29: luvly_: how are you doing today 10:29: luvly_: <ding> 11:12: Jeff G: hello 11:14: luvly_: i am fine and you

My first clue this isn’t a smart person.

11:14: Jeff G: toothache and tired. 11:14: luvly_: really 11:14: Jeff G: But the correct answer is, “Fine, thanks for asking”. 11:15: luvly_: I AMN HUNNIE 11:15: luvly_: WHAT ARE NOE DOING FOR YOUR LIVNG 11:16: luvly_: I AM ROSE BY NAME 11:16: luvly_: LIVE IN TEXAS 11:16: Jeff G: I will call you Yelling Rose. 11:16: luvly_: WHY YOU CALLING ME THAT NAME 11:16: Jeff G: Because you type in all upper case letters so it seems like you’re yelling at me. 11:18: luvly_: WOW 11:18: luvly_: GTG 11:18: luvly_: CAN I ASK YOU A QESTION 11:19: Jeff G: Always. 11:19: luvly_: <ding> 11:19: luvly_: FINE 11:19: luvly_: ARE YOU MARRIED? 11:19: luvly_: CAN YOU BE MY SOULMATE 11:19: Jeff G: No. 11:19: luvly_: WHY 11:19: luvly_: HUNNIE 11:19: Jeff G: Because of many reasons. 11:19: Jeff G: You are not compatible with me. 11:19: luvly_: DONT YOU WANNA TALK TO ME ANYMORE 11:20: luvly_: WHY 11:20: luvly_: HUNIE 11:20: luvly_: ITS ANYTIHNG WRONG 11:20: luvly_: TELL ME 11:20: Jeff G: You are probably not from Texas. You are a terrible speller. You type in all upper case. You are of a lower class than me, and you ask me to be a soulmate without even knowing my name or anything about me. 11:20: luvly_: I AM YOUR LOVER 11:20: Jeff G: I believe you are either a teenager, crazy, or not even American. 11:21: luvly_: gtg 11:21: luvly_: hunnie 11:21: Jeff G: exactly 11:21: luvly_: you know what 11:21: luvly_: i am rose bt naame 11:21: Jeff G: Enjoy life Rose. 11:21: luvly_: abd i am into fashion designer 11:22: luvly_: dont you want to be my soulmate 11:22: Jeff G: sure. 11:22: Jeff G: I am into fashion designer 11:23: luvly_: are you sure 11:23: luvly_: you are kidding me 11:23: luvly_: i think so 11:23: luvly_: i want a good relatioship that can endded in marriage 11:24: luvly_: i prefer that .hunnie 11:24: luvly_: <ding> 11:24: luvly_: :x=(( 11:24: Jeff G: Hello. 11:25: Jeff G: Lets start again. 11:25: Jeff G: Hi Rose. 11:25: luvly_: am fine 11:25: Jeff G: Do you really think you can say Hello to a stranger and then wed him? 11:25: luvly_: and you 11:25: luvly_: not really 11:25: Jeff G: You are a lower class human. I would never be interested in you. You have terrible grammar and are a crazy chater. I’m not even sure you’re not a robot or a kid. 11:26: luvly_: but i think i will lok for my soul mate 11:26: Jeff G: You have no Yahoo profile, and your IP address shows you’re not in Texas. 11:26: luvly_: what do you mean .hunnie 11:26: Jeff G: And what the hell is hunnie? 11:26: luvly_: what are you talking about 11:27: Jeff G: You are amusing me, and I am wasting your time. 11:27: luvly_: are you trying to be insulthing me 11:27: Jeff G: Who says that? Trying to be insulting me? You sound Nigerian.

Note:  At this point, she has only admitted to being from Texas.  I only make the Nigerian guess because I recognize several key-words from the classes they must take. They all chat similarly.  Things like “am sorry” are common.

11:27: luvly_: you do not wast my time 11:27: Jeff G: I wast your time. 11:27: Jeff G: Someone set us up the bomb.

That one made me laugh.  Somebody from Texas might have got the joke.

11:27: luvly_: you mean that 11:28: Jeff G: I mean nothing. 11:28: Jeff G: I just reply. 11:28: luvly_: so what do you feel about me 11:28: Jeff G: I know nothing of you, except you are Rose by name. 11:28: Jeff G: And I doubt that. 11:28: Jeff G: I don’t believe you ae in Texas. Where in Texas? 11:28: luvly_: i am rose by name 11:29: luvly_: i am not kidding me 11:29: Jeff G: Where in Texas? 11:29: luvly_: austin 11:29: Jeff G: Should I just say; Wow, you seem sexy. Lets sexy chat. 11:30: luvly_: why dont you belive am in texas???? 11:30: luvly_: ok i understand 11:30: Jeff G: I never met a Texan that didn’t speak English before. 11:30: luvly_: thank you 11:30: Jeff G: Is that it? You give up easy. 11:31: luvly_: dont really understand what you saying 11:31: luvly_: i never give up 11:31: luvly_: and am noit giving up on anything 11:31: Jeff G: Shall we start again? I’ll be nice.

This technique always works.  Just start over and they’ll go back to the script, ignoring everything.

11:31: luvly_: what are you really saying 11:31: luvly_: no probs 11:31: luvly_: so what do you want??? 11:31: Jeff G: I am Jeff by name. 11:32: Jeff G: What are you looking for? A nice chat friend? I am in Canada. In the snow. 11:32: luvly_: ohh i see 11:32: luvly_: ok 11:32: luvly_: thats nice,its kool meeting you 11:33: luvly_: so what do you do for a living??? 11:33: Jeff G: I chat with strangers and ask them for money. What do you do for a living? 11:33: luvly_: lol 11:33: luvly_: what do you mean by that??? 11:33: luvly_: is that a profession??? 11:34: luvly_: can i see you on cam??? 11:34: Jeff G: I make money from scamming strangers. Its a good living. Soon, I will ask you for money.

Note:  this statement gets almost totally ignored.  I was shocked.

11:34: luvly_: so can i see you on cam???? 11:34: Jeff G: 11:35: luvly_: OPENING THE CAM 11:36: luvly_: SO why are you sounding strange 11:36: luvly_: anything the problem with you??? 11:36: Jeff G: It takes a while to warm up to me. 11:36: Jeff G: People chat me all day for very stranger reasons. 11:36: luvly_: why??? 11:36: Jeff G: So far, not many have said Hello and asked to be a soulmate in 30 seconds. 11:36: luvly_: i see 11:36: luvly_: tell me more 11:36: Jeff G: Usually people want to know a little more before marriage. 11:36: luvly_: thats not bad 11:37: Jeff G: Very few survive the amount of insults I have thrown your way. 11:37: Jeff G: You are strange too. Maybe we are soulmates. 11:37: luvly_: at least we have get to know each other well before marrige 11:37: luvly_: how do you mean 11:37: luvly_: we just met 11:37: Jeff G: BY the way, you have made me laugh. May I publish this transcript on my web site? People love laughing at funny foreign chatters. 11:38: Jeff G: Sorry… Texas. 11:38: luvly_: and at least we gat to get aqunted wityh each other first 11:38: Jeff G: Who is Rose? Tell me about yourself.  I am 43.

Again… no hint she understood the above comment, but I did ask permission, so publishing should be OK.

11:38: luvly_: 25year of age 11:39: luvly_: are you serious about me 11:39: Jeff G: Ah. 11:39: luvly_: you are just kidding me 11:39: Jeff G: Serious how? I certainly won’t be flying to Texas to meet you. 11:39: luvly_: for a while 11:39: luvly_: really 11:39: Jeff G: I’m not sure what you’re looking for. 11:40: luvly_: for my soulmate 11:40: luvly_: are you coming to texas 11:40: Jeff G: Are you an Internet whore? Do men really love you in text messages? I don’t understand. Isn’t a Soulmate supposed to be real? 11:40: luvly_: sure 11:40: Jeff G: How did you even find my name to chat? 11:40: luvly_: yeah 11:40: luvly_: you dont need to be worry ok 11:41: luvly_: huniue 11:41: luvly_: dont you love me 11:41: Jeff G: I don’t even know what you look like, but so far, we’re far from love. 11:41: Jeff G: Closer to scary. 11:42: luvly_: hunnie 11:42: luvly_: you know what can you give me your e mail address .soi that i will send you my pixs 11:42: Jeff G: I’m hunnie. 11:42: Jeff G: 11:43: luvly_: ok 11:43: Jeff G: How warm is Texas today? 11:43: luvly_: cool 11:43: luvly_: here

A test.  If I cared, I could have looked closer and asked more questions, but I was already certain she wasn’t in Texas anyway.

11:44: Jeff G: So… to recap. You are looking for a soulmate in random chats with strangers. I am 43, and that is ok with you if I like. I can come to Texas and then what? 11:44: luvly_: my own yahoo id is 11:44: luvly_: so you can mail me now ok 11:45: luvly_: bye for noe 11:45: Jeff G: ok bye I guess. 11:45: Jeff G: Not sure why you’re leaving. 11:45: luvly_: hear from you soonest 11:45: luvly_: ok 11:45: Jeff G: So… to recap. You are looking for a soulmate in random chats with strangers. I am 43, and that is ok with you if I like. I can come to Texas and then what?

I really wanted that answer.  What did she want?  What is a soul mate?  She NEVER answered.

11:46: luvly_: i will be epecting your mail soonest 11:46: Jeff G: why? 11:47: luvly_: dont you mail me 11:47: luvly_: bye 11:49: Jeff G: Still there? I didn’t get a pic.

No reply.  I thought it was over.  I never
got a pic.  Never saw if she was a Texas Babe or an African Babe.

Hours later:

17:16: luvly_: <ding> 17:16: Jeff G: hello crazy gal from Texas! 17:16: luvly_: am cool 17:17: Jeff G: That’s a good T Shirt slogan. 17:17: Jeff G: AM COOL 17:17: luvly_: ok 17:18: luvly_: love are udere 17:18: Jeff G: huh? 17:19: luvly_: am cool 17:20: Jeff G: I never saw any email from you. 17:21: luvly_: ok 17:21: luvly_: am sorry 17:24: luvly_: <ding> 17:25: Jeff G: ding? 17:25: luvly_: ok 17:25: luvly_: wer are u now 17:25: Jeff G: At work. 17:25: luvly_: ok love 17:28: luvly_: love are u coming back 17:29: Jeff G: To Texas? 17:30: Jeff G: Do you want me to come to Texas? 17:31: luvly_: yes 17:31: Jeff G: And then what? 17:32: luvly_: but am in nigeria now love 17:32: Jeff G: aha! That explains everything. 17:32: Jeff G: I guessed it right away. 17:32: Jeff G: Wild! I am so happy. 17:33: Jeff G: Whoo Whoo… I am not crazy. You’re a trained Nigerian email scammer. It all makes sense now.

It went on for another hour.  She never acknowledged my questions about what we’d do if we met, what she wanted (other than a soul mate) and why she was a Texan in Nigeria.  She just kept calling me hunnie and going round in circles.  I decided not to include it all here. 

Part 3.

18:02: Jeff G: I wish I understood. Are you looking for sex, or a husband, or money? 18:03: luvly_: i am looking for my soulmate 18:03: luvly_: myt hunbadn 18:03: luvly_: d 18:03: Jeff G: ok. 18:04: luvly_: thatan care for my life 18:04: Jeff G: And it’s ok if I love you, but know you lie, and are pretty dumb? 18:04: luvly_: hunnie 18:05: luvly_: do you think i am lieing for you 18:05: Jeff G: Not always. 18:06: luvly_: ok 18:06: luvly_: whar do you want from me now 18:06: luvly_: do you want me to come over there and see you in person 18:06: luvly_: do you likethat 18:07: luvly_: :x 18:07: Jeff G: I am shocked you chat with me for so long. You have been insulted, mocked, caught telling lies, and are from Nigerea… and yet you keep trying. I wish I knew what you need? Am I to visit Texas and date you, or pay you. What is the plan? How can I make you happy? 18:07: Jeff G: You’d come here? To Canada? 18:08: luvly_: teah 18:08: luvly_: hunnie 18:08: luvly_: only if you want me to come 18:09: luvly_: cos i will like to see you in person 18:09: Jeff G: I think I have enough content for my web page now. You never answer questions, so I am growing tired of this amusement. You are obviously a Nigerian chat scammer and I can’t wait till you start asking for money. I know I’m close, but I am growing bored with the chore of getting it out of you. 18:10: Jeff G: I never got your picture. 18:10: luvly_: hunie 18:10: luvly_: do you calling me a scammer 18:11: Jeff G: I have called you many things. English is obviously not your native language. You lied to me already once, and you use many Nigerian phrases. 18:11: luvly_: i am born again chritsian 18:11: luvly_: i dont use to do that 18:11: Jeff G: oh god. That ends it. I am muslim. 

     (I am not, but respect all religions)

18:11: luvly_: plz dont call me a scammer 18:11: luvly_: for god sake 18:11: Jeff G: ok. I call you crazy instead. Not as bad. 18:11: Jeff G: I am guessing you’ve never been to Texas. 18:11: Jeff G: Or the USA. 18:12: luvly_: oikbyehunnieyou dont want to trust me then bye 18:13: Jeff G: bye.

End… maybe.  Probably not.  I’d bet money she chats me again.

18:15: luvly_: bye 18:15: luvly_: fuck you


09:04: luvly: <ding> 09:04: Jeff G: hey 09:04: luvly: am cool and u 09:04: Jeff G: am cool. 09:05: luvly: how are u doing today 09:05: luvly: hunnie 09:05: Jeff G: I am pretty good. 09:05: luvly: ok 09:06: Jeff G: I just woke up. 09:06: luvly: can u help me 09:06: Jeff G: How can I help? 09:08: luvly: by send me some money 09:08: Jeff G: Sure. 09:09: Jeff G: I never got your picture though. 09:09: luvly: ok 09:09: luvly: ur camera 09:10: luvly: or e mail 09:10: Jeff G: wahetever. There is no chance in hell I am sending you money. You might as well stop chatting me. 09:11: luvly: ok 09:11: luvly: hunnie 09:11: Jeff G: Nigeria must be a hard place to live. It seems everyone in that country just logs on and chats with strangers and asks for money. At least one or two times a month I chat with Nigerians asking for money. How do you learn these skills? From a book or a class?

Part 4: 

Not long after, on the second day, she chatted again and I changed my story to be in love with her.  She started the old practice of copying and pasting love poems found on Google.  I did too, and now she’s ready to move here,


PART 4: Be my Soulmate.


09:37: luvly_angel64: <ding> 09:37: Jeff G: Hey! Welcome back! Happy Feb 6th. It’s a holiday here!


It isn’t, but I throw things like this in, just to see if she ever comments.  For the most part, she seems to ignore almost everything I say, and sticks to the script.


09:38: luvly_angel64: Hummm babey 09:38: luvly_angel64: Thanks 09:38: luvly_angel64: Hunnie i really missed u
09:38: luvly_angel64: So what are u up to today love? 09:38: luvly_angel64: <ding> 09:39: luvly_angel64: Hunnie i really want u in me 09:39: Jeff G: I have some web design work, and then lunch with a friend and then TV. 09:39: Jeff G: I wish I knew what you looked like. 09:39: luvly_angel64: I can”t wait to meet u in person love 09:39: luvly_angel64: B,cos u really looks great 09:39: Jeff G: Its hard to get a sexy feeling with a stranger with such poor English and skills. 09:40: luvly_angel64: Hummmm what do u mean? 09:40: luvly_angel64: Are u insulting me love? 09:40: luvly_angel64: What have i done wrong to u love? 09:40: Jeff G: What have you done wrong? 09:40: luvly_angel64: Yea 09:40: Jeff G: You mean, besides lie, cheat and ask for money? 09:41: luvly_angel64: Oh really? 09:41: luvly_angel64: Hunnie it seems u don”t understand me here that is why u said am asking of money love 09:41: luvly_angel64: And u said am lieing 09:42: luvly_angel64: What did i do love? 09:42: luvly_angel64: <ding> 09:42: Jeff G: I just don’t really understand you. That is all. I don’t understand what you want. What you expect. I’m confused. 09:42: luvly_angel64: Hunnie is ur love that i want 09:42: Jeff G: Can you come to Canada and meet me? Maybe we’ll fall in love if we meet in person. 09:43: luvly_angel64: Yes love 09:43: luvly_angel64: I can come to canada 09:43: luvly_angel64: But i will like to think abt this very well love 09:43: luvly_angel64: Okay? 09:43: Jeff G: Take your time. 09:43: Jeff G: I am single and free and lonely 09:43: luvly_angel64: Yea love i know this 09:43: luvly_angel64: Am also lonely 09:44: Jeff G: I am old though. 43. Can you love an old guy? 09:44: luvly_angel64: That is why i wanna think abt this before i come there love 09:44: luvly_angel64: Yea 09:44: luvly_angel64: Do u know why am here talking to u? 09:44: Jeff G: I wish I knew what you looked like.
09:44: luvly_angel64: Oh really? 09:44: luvly_angel64: Multiply it by infinity, take it to the depths of forever and you’ll still only have a glimpse of how much I love you 09:44: Jeff G: Why? I figured you were looking for a soulk mate and a ticket out of Nigerea, that horrible country. 09:45: luvly_angel64: Actually love i have the money here but it can”t take me down there to canada 09:45: luvly_angel64: Okay? 09:45: luvly_angel64: Why do I love you? Because you are and always have been my dream 09:45: Jeff G: I understand. 09:45: luvly_angel64: Okay hunnie 09:45: luvly_angel64: Even though were far apart I love you dearly with all my heart 09:45: Jeff G: I will pay for everything if you’re here, but not for your trip. 09:46: luvly_angel64: Oh love 09:46: luvly_angel64: That is great 09:46: luvly_angel64: That is why have said am gonna think abt it 09:46: Jeff G: But I need to know you’re not ugly. 09:46: luvly_angel64: If enduring pain, braving shame, despising one’s self for the sake of affection and accepting misery without question is the definition of love – then, I LOVE YOU 09:46: luvly_angel64: Yea love 09:46: luvly_angel64: Can i send u some pics now? 09:46: Jeff G: I asked for some yesterday. 09:47: luvly_angel64: But have u gotten them? 09:47: Jeff G: nope 09:47: luvly_angel64: I love you more than any word can say … I love you more than every action I take … I’ll be right here loving you till the end 09:47: luvly_angel64: Oh love am very sorry for that 09:47: luvly_angel64: And am gonna make sure u got them with u right away 09:47: luvly_angel64: Okay? 09:47: Jeff G: ok. 09:47: Jeff G: Thanks Rose. I believe you now. 09:47: Jeff G: Is your name really Rose? 09:48: luvly_angel64: Yea my name is rose love 09:48: luvly_angel64: I just close my eyes because I might see your face. I just close my mouth because I might hear your voice. I just close my ears because I might hear of you, but I could not close my heart because I love you 09:49: Jeff G: Please stop pasting love text into this chat window. 09:49: luvly_angel64: Nope love 09:49: luvly_angel64: Am doing it b,cos of u 09:49: Jeff G: ok 09:49: luvly_angel64: B,cos i really love u so much 09:50: Jeff G: How many men do you love today? 09:50: luvly_angel64: So hunnie what is ur mail address so that i can send u the pics now 09:50: luvly_angel64: I swear lovce 09:50: luvly_angel64: I did not have any other person love 09:50: Jeff G: If kisses were stars I’d give you the sky, if touches were tears I would cry, I love was water I’d give you the sea, and be with you for all eternity 09:50: luvly_angel64: U are the one i love 09:50: luvly_angel64: Thanks 09:50: Jeff G: I don’t fear insects or spiders. At great heights, I jump off, smiling. In the face of death I wink. But, when I look into your eyes, I’m in fear of how much I love you.


Both these poems were taken from the first site on Google that included the same poems she sent me.


09:50: luvly_angel64: Give me ur mail address love 09:51: Jeff G: 09:51: Jeff G: This is the third time I have given it to you. If you love me, you might remember it next time. 09:51: luvly_angel64: Okay love 09:51: luvly_angel64: I won”t ask u again 09:51: luvly_angel64: Okay? 09:51: Jeff G: Yes you will. 09:51: luvly_angel64: So have sent them now 09:52: luvly_angel64: If u got them plz let me know love 09:52: luvly_angel64: Okay? 09:52: Jeff G: okay. 09:52: luvly_angel64: The more I know you, the more I love you 09:52: Jeff G: I got the pictures. You are beautiful. 09:52: Jeff G: You should have shown me these photos early. 09:52: luvly_angel64: Thanks love 09:53: luvly_angel64: Oh love 09:53: luvly_angel64: Am so sorry for the late pics 09:53: luvly_angel64: Okay? 09:53: luvly_angel64: For yesterday’s memories, today’s love, and tomorrow’s dreams I love you 09:53: Jeff G: I wish that was you. 09:53: luvly_angel64: Hunnie i really love u so much 09:53: luvly_angel64: >:D< 09:53: luvly_angel64: :):-* 09:53: Jeff G: I am a little busy right now. Think about coming to Canada and get back to me later. 09:53: luvly_angel64: Hunnie its me 09:54: luvly_angel64: Hunnie why can”t u trust me here? 09:54: luvly_angel64: Do u expect me to send u another person”s pics to u? 09:54: luvly_angel64: <ding> 09:54: luvly_angel64: I love you not because it is right, but because I love you 09:55: Jeff G: I understand now. I believe all today. I was in a bad mood yesterday. 09:55: luvly_angel64: Hunnie are u there? 09:55: Jeff G: I look forward to mmeeting you in Canada, and paying for your meals and stay. 09:55: luvly_angel64: Or u are tired of chatting with me? 09:55: Jeff G: How long can you stay before you have to go back to Texas? 09:56: luvly_angel64: Well like i told u yesterday that as soon as i get the man of my heart 09:56: luvly_angel64: I won”t bother to go to texas again 09:56: luvly_angel64: I will just fly down to meet u in camada babey 09:56: luvly_angel64: I love you. There is nothing else to do, run and I will run with you 09:56: Jeff G: ok cool. Canada has snow and cold winters. Maybe you’d rather wait till summer. You may never have seen snow. 09:57: Jeff G: Snow is cold. 09:57: luvly_angel64: Nope love 09:57: Jeff G: I may need you to warm me up. 09:57: luvly_angel64: I will afford anyhting that happens there 09:57: luvly_angel64: Yea love 09:57: luvly_angel64: U are right 09:57: luvly_angel64: U can use me to warm up every good morning love 09:58: Jeff G: That sounds nice. 09:58: luvly_angel64: Hunnie its only God that know that i love u so much 09:58: luvly_angel64: I wish u know my heart love 09:58: luvly_angel64: <ding> 09:59: Jeff G: I’m not a huge fan of God. Oh well… I can accept that. 09:59: luvly_angel64: Hummmmmmmm Great 09:59: luvly_angel64: So hunnie what are we going to do now? 10:00: luvly_angel64: B,cos all the money here with me is not enough for me to come down there to canada 10:00: Jeff G: How much do you need? 10:00: luvly_angel64: Its just 230 dollars love 10:00: luvly_angel64: To add it to my flight fare love 10:01: Jeff G: 230 US dollars? 10:01: luvly_angel64: Yea love 10:01: Jeff G: Ok. Well… I’ll let you think about it, but that is cheap. I make a good living, so that would be easy to see you. 10:02: luvly_angel64: Hunnie can”t u help me with that? 10:02: luvly_angel64: It’s not my fault I love you, it’s yours 10:02: Jeff G: I understand. I could help, but you told me you wanted some time to think about it. 10:02: luvly_angel64: Yea love 10:03: Jeff G: I am on phone for a few minutes. 10:03: luvly_angel64: But if i can get the money i will just go to the embassy and pay them off love 10:03: Jeff G: I can help. 10:03: luvly_angel64: Okay hunnie 10:03: Jeff G: How can I get it to you? PayPal? 10:04: luvly_angel64: Nope love 10:04: luvly_angel64: Through western union money transfer love 10:04: Jeff G: That seems easy. 10:04: luvly_angel64: Yea love 10:04: luvly_angel64: So i will contact my agent now and collect his details love 10:05: Jeff G: Agent? 10:05: luvly_angel64: Yea love 10:05: Jeff G: -busy- Standby. I am on phone. 10:05: luvly_angel64: U know that they are using drivers license to cash money here at the wetsren union 10:05: luvly_angel64: So he has the details love 10:05: luvly_angel64: He is the one that can help me get that cash 10:06: luvly_angel64: And u know that i don”t have a car here 10:06: luvly_angel64: He is the nice person i always deal with love 10:06: luvly_angel64: He is honest love………….truthful and reliable hunnie 10:11: luvly_angel64: <ding> 10:13: luvly_angel64: <ding> 10:13: luvly_angel64: A man’s love cannot be satisfied by beauty alone; you’re more than beautiful and that’s why I love you 10:14: Jeff G: Still on phone. Please wait. 10:14: luvly_angel64: Okay hunnie 10:16: luvly_angel64: When you say you love me, the world stops for a moment, the stars stop shining, the moon stops glowing, the earth stops breathing, all that’s alive is our love … I love you 10:16: luvly_angel64: B-)>:D<:-*:) 10:17: Jeff G: Ok. 10:17: Jeff G: So what is next? 10:18: luvly_angel64: Can i give u the agent details so that u can send me the money through him love 10:18: luvly_angel64: ? 10:18: luvly_angel64: He is a good person love 10:18: Jeff G: Sure. 10:18: luvly_angel64: Okay 10:18: Jeff G: In Canada, we call them pimps. 10:18: luvly_angel64: Am gonna send it to ur mail now 10:18: luvly_angel64: Okay hunnie 10:18: luvly_angel64: Thats nice 10:19: luvly_angel64: So hunnie wehn will u send the money to me here? 10:19: Jeff G: Yes. 10:19: Jeff G: To Texas. 10:19: luvly_angel64: So that i can inform the agent abt this love 10:19: luvly_angel64: What so u mean? 10:20: luvly_angel64: What do u mean love? 10:20: Jeff G: Sorry. Nigeria. My error. 10:20: luvly_angel64: Okay love


 I blocked her account at that point… maybe for a day.


To be continued…. maybe.


Her “agent” details:


ZIPCODE:  23401

I sent an email reply:  “The FBI Has been notified.”  We’ll see if it gets an email reply.