Daffy Duck

bashful.wav Come on now… Don’t be bashful
bigbeak.wav I had to open my big beek
duck2trv.wav What a way for a duck to travel… Underground!
dvlsclvr.wav Devilishly clever
feellike.wav That’s strange… All of a sudden I don’t quite feel like myself
gr8sport.wav You’re a great sport…
hohohaha.wav I’ll Ho Ho and Ha Ha you!
vryfunny.wav Ho Ho. Very funny. It is to laugh (flatly)
guessagn.wav Nope, wrong… guess again
disgustg.wav That is discusting
dafshoot.wav Shoot him now! Shoot him Now!
despicab.wav You’re dispicable
dwind.wav Never look at those dirt windows again
woowoo.wav Whoop Ooop Whoop Ooop!
greedysl.wav Greedy slob
hadenuf.wav Well I guess he’s had enough
halp.wav HAAAALP!
imrich2.wav I’m Rich! I’m Rich!
sanctity.wav violating a santity…
jnglblls.wav Daffy Duck sings Jingle Bells
ddtakeof.wav Duck Dodgers in the 24th½ Century
wholsome.wav Good clean fun
yourway.wav …Have it your way
saveme2.wav Help! Help! Save me!
scream.wav Great Scream
ahhhblbl.wav Daffy’s strange jibberish yell
rediculs.wav That’s ridiculous
thwedone.wav No! Not the red one…
hdsrtls.wav Can’t make heads nor tails
humiliat.wav Humiliated

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