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canada-flagHi There!  My name is Jeff Goebel, and I’m the guy who created over 20 years ago.  I’m friendly and always willing to say HI and answer questions.  If you see me in the webcam below, feel free to say Hi.

WARNING: The webcam may contain nudity and gross actions that offend or disgust you.

Over the years, one of the things that made the FROGSTAR.COM website popular was my webcam/chat accessibility. This has always been a personal site, containing things that made me smile. Although I may not be around as often as I used to be. when I’m here – I’m live, and you can watch me work. You can even click the links below to send me a message or chat live.

I have no idea why online webcams are so popular… but they seem to be. I’m not the kind of geek to let a trend go un-noticed, so I offer my own.

Since I’ve activated my webcam in my home office over 20 years ago, I’ve met all sorts of new friends, some of which have given me a hard time for drinking my juice right from the bottle, and other bad habits. Enjoy the show. Usually, it’s just me sitting there watching TV or working on web pages.

If I am around, maybe you’d like to play a game of


  1. Grey Starr

    it’s dark… where’s the light switch?

  2. James

    Hello, I’m a big fan and I enjoy your work! Just wand to say thanks!

  3. John

    Just letting you know I do visit Frogstar regularly and do enjoy the content.

  4. Shaina

    I sent you a comment on the new Frogstar, did you not get it?

  5. jeffg

    This is a comment. Nobody seems to be sending any on the new Frogstar. so I thought I’d see if it even works.


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