TV (Misc)

bigsmegh.wavbigsmegh.mp3 Red Dwarf: Cryton insults his smeghead shipmate
twiki4.wavtwiki4.mp3 Buck Rogers: bedebdebde buck… you’re my kind of guy
wise_man.wavwise_man.mp3 News Radio: The wise man who knows that there is much he does not know… I know
tuna_net.wavtuna_net.mp3 Boston Common: The world of tuna is under represented on the internet
thenet.wavthenet.mp3 Scully: On the net, he can find out practically anything about you.
hartman1.wavhartman1.mp3 Mary Hartman – Mary Hartman (Theme)
crock.wavcrock.mp3Third Rock from the Sun: Peace on earth – what a crock!
melted.wavmelted.mp3Red Dwarf: Cryton: My circuits have melted
milkbone.wavmilkbone.mp3 Cheers: Norm: Its a dog eat dog world, and I’m wearing milkbone underwear
hibaby.wavhibaby.mp3 Sha Na Na: Helllllllooo Baaaby!
goofed.wavgoofed.mp3 Lost in Space: I am sorry Will Robinson… I goofed.
dismisd.wavdismisd.mp3 Hogan’s Heros: Klink: DISSSSSSMISSED
pwlaugh.wavpwlaugh.mp3 PeeWee Herman’s laugh
cbsmail.wavcbsmail.mp3 Letterman: Let’s open the CBS Mailbag
hrpuff1.wavhrpuff1.mp3 H.R. Puffinstuff Theme
showrcap.wavshowrcap.mp3 3rd Rock: Get me the modem… and a shower cap…
3rdrock.wav3rdrock.mp3 3rd Rock from the Sun original opening theme
jokexpns.wavjokexpns.mp3 Boston Common: Leonard: How odd, a joke at my expense
get_you.wavget_you.mp3 Boston Common: I’ll get you… and your little dog too!
bathtub.wavbathtub.mp3 Kids in the Hall: … I was cleaning it, and it went off
bunsen.wavbunsen.mp3 Muppets: Bunsen Honeydew here at muppet labs…
johnboy.wavjohnboy.mp3 The Waltons: Goodnight Johnboy
makehapy.wavmakehapy.mp3 Boston Common: Talk to me… Make me happy!
elvira4.wavelvira4.mp3 Elvira: Hello Darling
gomer.wavgomer.mp3 Gomer pile opening theme
touchyou.wavtouchyou.mp3 3rd Rock: I can not touch you anywhere rhyme
wrong23.wavwrong23.mp3 Lost in Space robot: WRONG!
dontmake.wavdontmake.mp3 The Hulk: (Bill Bixby) Don’t make me angry…
grimley.wavgrimley.mp3 SCTV: Ed Grimley: This is so sad I must say
hatedit.wavhatedit.mp3 In Living Color: Men on Film: Hated it!
lis-wrng.wavlis-wrng.mp3 Lost in space computer: You’re WRONG!
floppy.wavfloppy.mp3 Single Guy: Goodbye hard drive – hello floppy!
btlstar8.wavbtlstar8.mp3 Battlestar Galactica (Cylon): …humans remain entertained…
jeanni~1.wavjeanni~1.mp3 I dream of Jeanni: Oh thank you master!
tatoo.wavtatoo.mp3 Fantasy Island: De Plane! De Plane!
lets_r~1.wavlets_r~1.mp3 Married With Children: Let’s Rock
al_hat~1.waval_hat~1.mp3 Married with Children: Al; I hate my life…
remote.wavremote.mp3 Married with Children: What’s wrong with this remote…
justreal.wavjustreal.mp3 Max Headroom: I’m just as real as you are
thsismax.wavthsismax.mp3 Max: This is Max headroom… A star…
getinout.wavgetinout.mp3 Max: … security is paid to stop me…
max-brb2.wavmax-brb2.mp3 I’m Max Headroom, and I’ll be back
maxhead.wavmaxhead.mp3 Max Headroom Opening
drewca~1.wavdrewca~1.mp3 Drew Cary opening theme
bookdano.wavbookdano.mp3 Book ‘em Danno – murder 1
catsbutt.wavcatsbutt.mp3 Single Guy: I have to go rub a cats butt
very2.wavvery2.mp3 Laugh In: Very Interesting.
kdscrush.wavkdscrush.mp3 Kids in the Hall: I’m crushing your head!
squeal~1.wavsqueal~1.mp3 Kids in the Hall: Make you squeal like a pig
notma.wavnotma.mp3 Dinasaurs: Not the Mama!
again.wavagain.mp3 Dinasaurs: Baby; Again
parkay.wavparkay.mp3 Old Commercial: Parkay – butter…
sliders2.wavsliders2.mp3 SLIDERS theme opening
sod.wavsod.mp3 Faulty Towers: Remember me, the poor sod you do work for…
mines.wavmines.mp3 Faulty Towers: Don’t go driving on any mines
yourang.wavyourang.mp3 Adam’s Family Lurch- YOU RANG?
bill1.wavbill1.mp3 In Living Colour: Fire Marshall Bill
puckerup.wavpuckerup.mp3 X Files: Skinner tells cancer man to kiss his butt
reddwrf4.wavreddwrf4.mp3 Red Dwarf- Cryton: Engange panic curcuits…
reddwrf5.wavreddwrf5.mp3 Red Dwarf- Hilly: A mistake any half witted derranged computer…
tryit.wavtryit.mp3 Gumby&Poky: I prefer grass
misst.wavmisst.mp3 Get Smart: Missed it by THAT much
surprise.wavsurprise.mp3 Gomer Pyle: Surprise Surprise Surprise
shezzam.wavshezzam.mp3 Gomer Pyle: SHEZZAM!
plane.wavplane.mp3 Fantasy Island: Tattoo exclaims THE PLANE THE PLANE
meathead.wavmeathead.mp3 Archie Bunker: You’re a meathead
nothing.wavnothing.mp3 Hogan’s Heros: I know nothing, I see nothing…
hhnothin.wavhhnothin.mp3 Hogan’s Heros: Scholtz’s famous line
denied.wavdenied.mp3 Hogan’s Heros: Clink – Your request is denied
careful.wavcareful.mp3 Hill Street Blues: Be careful out there
bioneye.wavbioneye.mp3 6 Million Dollar Man: Eye sounds
bionic1.wavbionic1.mp3 6 Million Dollar Man: Running
rebound.wavrebound.mp3 6 Million Dollar Man: Jumping rebound
doorman.wavdoorman.mp3 Rhoda: This is Carelton your doorman
twitch1.wavtwitch1.mp3 Bewitched: The magic twitch
heynow!.wavheynow!.mp3 Larry Saunders: Hank’s HEY NOW!
marcia.wavmarcia.mp3 Brady Bunch: Marcia Marcia Marcia!
ooooo.wavooooo.mp3 Horseshack: Oh Oh Oh!
outabeer.wavoutabeer.mp3 Saturday Night Special: Outta Beer
rockford.wavrockford.mp3 Rockford Files: Opening phone message
luvyaman.wavluvyaman.mp3 Beer Commercial: I luv ya man!
shadow01.wavshadow01.mp3 The shadow knows (deluxe)
shadow02.wavshadow02.mp3 The Shadown knows
mr_ed.wavmr_ed.mp3 Mr Ed Speaks
arugh2.wavarugh2.mp3 Home Improvement: Grunt Grunt Grunt
gwnopen1.wavgwnopen1.mp3 Mckenzie Brothers Great White North opening call
beatsme.wavbeatsme.mp3 Alf: Beats me
twilight.wavtwilight.mp3 Twilight Zone Opening
danger.wavdanger.mp3 Lost in Space: Danger! Danger!
beakman.wavbeakman.mp3 Beakman’s World: MAN I LOVE SCIENCE!
billnyne.wavbillnyne.mp3 Bill Nyne the science guy
cylonscn.wavcylonscn.mp3 Battlestar Galactica: Scan for Identification
adama.wavadama.mp3 Battlestar Galactica opening speech
cylon.wavcylon.mp3 Battlestar Galactica: Cylon warning
jcarsn01.wavjcarsn01.mp3 Here’s Johnny!
jeannie.wavjeannie.mp3 I dream of Jeannie BLINK BLINK
jeopardy.wavjeopardy.mp3 Jeopardy wait (thinking) music
flipper.wavflipper.mp3 They call him flipper!
limits1.wavlimits1.mp3 The Outer Limits
peewee.wavpeewee.mp3 Pee Wee’s Playhouse
peeweela.wavpeeweela.mp3 Pee Wee: La La La

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