Canadian Snowflake Registry

Ok, so you’re out of ideas.  Last year you registered a STAR named after your loved one.  You may have gotten in on the ground floor and had one if the 16.7 million RGB colour codes registered in their name the year before that.  Now it’s time to register a snowflake in the name of your loved one.

What could be a sweeter gift.  Every single snow flake is unique, and will never ever be duplicated.  We’ll assign you a number, and a photograph of the snowflake you purchase, or give as a gift.

These are pure Canadian snowflakes, named and registered as they fall, before being contaminated by the ground.  For a small additional charge, we can send the remains of your snowflake to you in a small vile, much like a cremation urn, only clear – and much much smaller.



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