Comedy (Misc)

Unsorted Comedy bits and routines

assume.wav assume.mp3 make an assumption you make an ass out of you, and umption
baaa.wav baaa.mp3 Give daddy some loving… Bahhhhhh
tickle.wav tickle.mp3 Tickle me Elmo
slinky.wav slinky.mp3 Slinky Commercial
throb1.wav throb1.mp3 (Unknown) Song: I’m looking for a one eyed trouser snake…
bj.wav bj.mp3 Did mom give dad a blowjob, before she kissed you…
ode~beer.wav ode~beer.mp3 Unknown: Ode to beer
heinlife.wav heinlife.mp3 Unknown: …The need to stamp him out…
stoogsex.wav stoogsex.mp3 Comedy Compilation: 3 stooges sex
casey1.wav casey1.mp3 Casey Casum Radio Out-takes
casey2.wav casey2.mp3 Casey Casum Radio Out-takes
casey3.wav casey3.mp3 Casey Casum Radio Out-takes – A MUST HEAR
kingrave.wav kingrave.mp3 Larry King Radio: WAY to tired
kmart.wav kmart.mp3 Attention Kmart Shoppers…
glzkiwcz.wav glzkiwcz.mp3 Miller beer commercial; Mr Galakawitz
deadcat.wav deadcat.mp3 Meow Meow…Gunshots compilation
hickory.wav hickory.mp3 Dice Clay: Hickory Dickory Dock…
7words.wav 7words.mp3 Carlin’s 7 dirty words
answer.wav answer.mp3 Silly answering machine message
nerdgeek.wav nerdgeek.mp3 (unknown) Difference between a geek and a nerd
911_ch~1.wav 911_ch~1.mp3 The number you have dialled has been changed…
duckjob.wav duckjob.mp3 Strange Duck’s orgasm
dave.wav dave.mp3 Cheech & Chong: Dave’s not here!
davesnot.wav davesnot.mp3 Cheech & Chong: Dave’s not here (longer)
badweed.wav badweed.mp3 Cheech & Chong: (singing) Bad Ass Weed
acid.wav acid.mp3 Cheech and Chong: This is the BEST acid…
shutclas.wav shutclas.mp3 Cheech and Chong: Claaaaass! SHUT UP!
shutcls2.wav shutcls2.mp3 Cheech and Chong: Claaaaass! Mr Studanco…
bop.wav bop.mp3 Three Stooges: Various head bonks
duckjob.wav duckjob.mp3 Buzz Sutherland: Donald Duck masturbating
ass2nite.wav ass2nite.mp3 Unknown: The I-95 Asshole Song
whosn1st.wav whosn1st.mp3 Who’s on first?
whale.wav whale.mp3 National Lampoon: The whales can’t help themselves
fuddfire.wav fuddfire.mp3 Robin Williams does Fudd singing Springstein
excuse.wav excuse.mp3 Steve Martin: Excuse Me!
sexdaddy.wav sexdaddy.mp3 Compilation: Homer the sex Daddy
bearsong.wav bearsong.mp3 Oh Boy, Do I love bears (song)
fukinstu.wav fukinstu.mp3 George Carlin: Fucking Stupid
gumpfict.wav gumpfict.mp3 MAD TV: Gump Fiction Parody
ringy.wav ringy.mp3 Lily Tomlin: One Ringy Dingy…
barnyd~1.wav barnyd~1.mp3 Kill Barney mix
barntrek.wav barntrek.mp3 Barney vs Star Trek
budfrogs.wav budfrogs.mp3 Budweiser Bull Frogs

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