whatdone.wav Oh dear god! What have I done? (Chandler)
badplace.wav Chandler: I think you’ve gone over to the BAD PLACE.
drnksnta.wav Seeing that drunk Santa perked up my Christmas wet himself
pee_wind.wav Joey: PEE INTO THE WIND!
sex_mom.wav Joey: I always picture your mom when I’m having sex
phb_bitc.wav If we were in prison, you’d be my bitches
aroused.wav Chandler: Is it wrong that I was totally aroused by that?
juice.wav Ross’s juice is sexually premature
injungle.wav Friends sing IN THE JUNGLE
phb_bisx.wav Phoebe sings about Bisexuals
phb_blak.wav Phoebe sings about dairy milk
phb_cat.wav Phoebe sings SMELLY CAT
phb_cat2.wav Phoebe sings SMELLY CAT with Crissy Hind
friend~2.wav Phoebe: Steve blaised up a doobie
phb_cow.wav Phoebe sings about cows
phb_cry.wav Phoebe sings about being called names
phb_grma.wav Phoebe sings about grandma and grandpa
phb_kids.wav Phoebe sings about sleeping with others
phb_shwr.wav Phoebe sings about being in the shower
phb_trng.wav Phoebe sings about her love triangle

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