The Simpsons

superb.wav superb.mp3 Comic Book Shop Owner: Ahhh… a superb choice.
homnvr~1.wav homnvr~1.mp3 Homer teaches lesson: Never try.
homtv.wav homtv.mp3 TV: Be more funny!
thirsty.wav thirsty.mp3 All this computer hacking is making me thirsty
smart.wav smart.mp3 homer is smart
homtruth.wav homtruth.mp3 Homer rambles lines from movies: You can’t handle the truth etc.
bartda~1.wav bartda~1.mp3 Bart; dammed if you do… dammed if you don’t.
apusings.wav apusings.mp3 Apu sings St. Peppers lonely hearts club band
abecrazy.wav abecrazy.mp3 Ah, you must be some kind of crazy person.
abegutsy.wav abegutsy.mp3 You’re a gutsy daredevil
abraham.wav abraham.mp3 Abe gives Bart’s class the story of his life
simpfart.wav simpfart.mp3 …Homer you should see a doctor. I don’t think a human can make that sound
tripe.wav tripe.mp3 They can’t expect us to swallow that tripe…
x-hello.wav x-hello.mp3 Hello! (Burns)
ralph5.wav ralph5.mp3 So… You like… stuff? (Ralph Wiggins)
agitator.wav agitator.mp3 Principle skinner tries to conceal Lisa’s identity as an agitator
justcant.wav justcant.mp3 I just can’t dang diddly do it (Flanders)
appetite.wav appetite.mp3 I thought I had an appetite for destruction, but I wanted a club sandwich
badstuff.wav badstuff.mp3 I have a feeling some bad stuff is about to go down
homertit.wav homertit.mp3 …I can’t even say the word tit without giggling like a school girl
monday1.wav monday1.mp3 Burns: Awww! Monday Morning…
b-monkey.wav b-monkey.mp3 Bart: How would I go about creating a half man – half monkey creature?
godown.wav godown.mp3 Homer’s Girlfriend: …We’ll be going down together…
geeks.wav geeks.mp3 Homer: The Flanderers are not geeks…
baloney.wav baloney.mp3 My baloney has a first name: It’s H.O.M.E.R.
doedear.wav doedear.mp3 Simpson Family: DOH! A deer! A female deer!
chic.wav chic.mp3 Bart: One of those ‘don’t call me a chick’ chicks
vegas.wav vegas.mp3 Homer places roulette bet by phone, and loses.
apuwork.wav apuwork.mp3 Apu: It may not be glamorous, but it’s good honest work… milk? $12.00
hi&lois.wav hi&lois.mp3 Comic Book Shop Owner: Are you the creator of Hi and Lois?
flanfone.wav flanfone.mp3 Ned Flanders: answers the phone
alcohol.wav alcohol.mp3 Bus Driver: Alcohol increases your ability to drive
apuname.wav apuname.mp3 Apu’s last name
unpossbl.wav unpossbl.mp3 Ralph Wiggim: Fail English? That’s unpossible
simp19.wav simp19.mp3 Marge’s sister: You’ll get your license in 2-3 weeks…
exploit.wav exploit.mp3 Marge: Kids! Stop exploiting your father
aputalks.wav aputalks.mp3 Get Out – Come again
simsong5.wav simsong5.mp3 Simpsons Secret Club Song
flanders.wav flanders.mp3 Hidilee Ho Neigboureenos
okalee.wav okalee.mp3 Flanders: Okalee Dokalee
testing.wav testing.mp3 You are wired in to the rest of your family-ZAP!
moecall4.wav moecall4.mp3 Prank Call: B.O. Problem
moecall5.wav moecall5.mp3 Prank Call: Waylan Smithers
gotohell.wav gotohell.mp3 Willy: Go to Hell
hmrcando.waV hmrcando.mp3 Homer: Computers can do that?
hmrhack.wav hmrhack.mp3 Homer: Computer hacking is making me thirsty

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