Fired Revenge Advice


I can’t explain why strangers like to ask me for advice, but it happens a lot.  I get an instant message from a stranger, usually from the webcams or other online contact – and they ask me the strangest questions.  Today is no different.

(03 15) : do you know how i can get back at a jewish paper shop owner that saked my friend (03 15) : Jeff Goebel: sacked? (03 15) : got fired (03 15) : forcefully unemployed

I usually throw a certain amount of sarcasm in my replies… but I’m never out-right rude till they start throwing insults or swear words my way.

(03 15) : Jeff Goebel: I see. I can’t really give you any advice on revenge. I’m against the practice. I don’t believe it is ever a good idea, especially when it is against people who may be smarter than you (grin).

(03 15) : he is not he has IQ of a 5 year old
(03 15) : and says soon sharp alot (03 15) : Jeff Goebel: Exactly. That is my point. (03 15) : my IQ is 143 man (03 15) : Jeff Goebel: I am sure it is. It shows.
(03 15) : glad you noticed (03 15) : Jeff Goebel: Revenge is not a great way to live your life. (03 15) : it makes you feel manly and full of testostarone [sic]

(03 15) so do you think prison and the justice system is wrong (03 15) because that is a form of revenge (03 15)  Jeff Goebel: Justice isn’t revenge… it is punishment. There is a difference. I suspect that your situation doesn’t qualify, since I have no idea what the situation is, but I am still fairly sure it was justified. (03 15) the owner of the shop told my friend he was a f***ing little a***hole and sacked hhim (03 15) 14:14: Jeff Goebel: That seems justified to me. I suspect your friend is a fucking asshole.
(03 15) how is it justified in england swearing to kiddies is a criminal offence (03 15)  Jeff Goebel: That is a neat law. (03 15)  Jeff Goebel: I don’t know what kind of an answer you expect from a stranger in Canada. My advice is to NOT seek revenge. Move on and get a job and you’ll be a whole lot happier. People who seek revenge start a trend and it continues for the rest of their life.  I don’t like people who need to seek revenge. (03 15) that advice has changed his whole way of thinking (03 15)  Jeff Goebel: Seriously… if you NEED to revenge people who are just idiots in life, it shows more of who you are.