I’ve got her believing

Part of the secret to making crooks believe you’re a good mark is to appear more stupid than smart.  In my past experiments, I’ve been to smart.  This time, I went in a different direction and appeared confused and stupid… perfect qualifiers for a stooge.

She did come back later, but it was bad timing, I was bored, and I didn’t continue.

jah_white2008 has buzzed you! Jeff: hello jawhite!
jah_white2008: how are u doing?
Jeff: Pretty good., Looks like it might warm up a bit today.
jah_white2008: long time where have you been? jah_white2008: i am still in the uk
Jeff: I don’t know what you mean. I am here every day.
jah_white2008: but i will come over to open up the fashion store soon. jah_white2008: ok jah_white2008: i have been busy jah_white2008: i hardly come online jah_white2008: mybad
Jeff: Good. Busy usually means more money and less bordom stress.
jah_white2008: lol
Jeff: I actually have no idea who you are, but that’s OK. I reply to people who say Hi.
jah_white2008: you know wat i want to place some order so some items will be shipped down to your place can you help me keep them till i get back? jah_white2008: c’com jah_white2008: we have been chatting jah_white2008: before jah_white2008: wat a bad memory jah_white2008: i told you i want to open up a fashion store jah_white2008: remember?
Jeff: Ok. A lot of strangers chat me. I must be on some list. Mostly Yahoo chatters who pretend to be from UK or US States.
jah_white2008: pretend? jah_white2008: who’s that?
Jeff: Other people. Not you of course.
jah_white2008: i hardly come online jah_white2008: oh i see jah_white2008: can i trust you? jah_white2008: can you help me take good care of the itmes till i get back
Jeff: ok. So you’re opening a fashion store here soon. I remember now.
jah_white2008: so csend me your contact address so that fedex will use that for thr delivery name in full contatc address state : city:\ code: phone number: thats all for now.
Jeff: What can you use that for?
jah_white2008: for the shippment. jah_white2008: down to you house.
Jeff: No, I mean what illegal stuff can you use that for, since this is obviously a fake story. I’m just curious what illegal stuff you can do with that information. I can’t figure out why you’d need my address.
jah_white2008: FEDEX will use your information to deliver the items to you thats all there is nothing fake there.
Jeff: oh. Sorry. I misunderstood.
I always do this.  I hint that I know all about scams, and then say nevermind and they seem to ignore it. Their greed blinds them that I may just be playing.  It always amazses me.

jah_white2008: ok. no probs i need to explain better
Jeff: Jeff Goebel
(Also included a fake address and phone number here)
jah_white2008: ty jah_white2008: i will call u when i am less busy ok.

This is now where I started to have some fun, because she thinks I am a perfect mark now.  Gullible and I’ve given her my phone number so she can call me with phase 2 sometime.  That Jeff will be very confused I suspect.

Jeff: ok
jah_white2008: can i transfer 8000dollars to you…should incase you see a good store that we can place good order from you can use that to order fopr some first jah_white2008: can you handle that for me… jah_white2008: i can pay for ur service.
Jeff: I don’t want to work hard for you. I thought I was just holding stuff till you got here. That was easy.
jah_white2008: lol jah_white2008: u are not working for me.. jah_white2008: i just asked cos i am always busy no time for my self.. jah_white2008: because of the fashion show/modeling
Jeff: You need to make time. Enjoy life.
jah_white2008: lol jah_white2008: you are right. jah_white2008: first i will transfer some money to you. ok
This is the key to her success.  Without a transfer, I won’t have a reason to give her my bank info and allow her to steal my money and/or identity.  She needs me to want money, so I keep turning it down.  It must be frustrating for her at this stage, but she has to stay polite.

Jeff: There is someboidy at that address all day so FedEx should have no problem.
jah_white2008: then i will tell you wat next to do ok.
Jeff: That seems a crazy sum of money. Just buy me lunch when you come pick up the stuff.
jah_white2008: lol jah_white2008: ok jah_white2008: i will and spend some time with ya.
Jeff: PayPal would take 3% or more.
jah_white2008: wat bank you bank with?
Jeff: They probably don’t do direct transfers via the Internet from UK banks here anyway.
jah_white2008: i know jah_white2008: i am asking cos i will order a firm in the state to do the transfer to you thats why i am asking.
Jeff: But what is the money for? I don’t understand.
jah_white2008: you will use it to order for some items over there when you have the money i will tell you wat and wat we need ok
Jeff: If you can afford that, why do you need a stranger to hold stuff? You could put ityems in storage for that kind of moeny. I’m starting to think this may be a scam. I don’t understand where this $8000 came from. Is it for me?
jah_white2008: that is if i can’t get it here but if i can just keep it till i get back.
Jeff: Sounds suspcious.

She almost loses it here… That is a risky word to use, but she thinks she gets by it and back into my trust.  A nice hoinest person would not need money for this service, so it’s a catch-22. The best rube doesn’t want the cash… but without that part, the whole scam fails.
jah_white2008: hey jah_white2008: comoen
Jeff: I thought you just needed a place to stoire yoiur stuff till you came and made arrangements. Now I’m shopping for you?
jah_white2008: comone you don’t even under stand a single thing i type.
Jeff: I don’t want to go shopping.
jah_white2008: ok jah_white2008: no probs jah_white2008: don’t worry jah_white2008: ok jah_white2008: but i can transfer some money so that when i come over there i do thing my self.. jah_white2008: ok
Jeff:  I agree to hold your stuff. I don’t need money to do that. I do it for other Euopean frinds often. Jeff: I have a big house.
jah_white2008: lol

Then she feels the need to qualify me again and see if I’m worth the effort.  The big house remark was to imply I have some wealth and am worth the fight.
jah_white2008: ty jah_white2008: you are a good jah_white2008: guy jah_white2008: i will try to place some order ok jah_white2008: you have your own personal job?
Jeff: Yes of course.
jah_white2008: ok jah_white2008: thats kool jah_white2008: u are still single?
Jeff: I am. Separated 3 years.
jah_white2008: ok jah_white2008: still sing here jah_white2008: if i can’t make the payment online i will tell you of wat next to do ok
Jeff: Sorry… I have to get back to my stuff for a while. How far in the future will this happen?
jah_white2008: don’t now yet jah_white2008: bye later ok jah_white2008: take care

Now, either she’ll come back tomorrow with a better reason why she needs to send me money, or she’ll call that other Jeff and be very confused then chat me about it later.  I’ll update this page after either happens.

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