Music & Themes

spiderm1.mp3 spiderm1.wav Original Spiderman Theme

happy_bd.mp3 happy_bd.wav Happy Birthday song

hartman1.mp3 hartman1.wav Mary Hartman – Mary Hartman (Theme)

grinch~1.mp3 grinch~1.wav (song) You’re a mean one… Mr Grinch!

hrpuff1.wav H.R. Puffinstuff Theme

smurfs1.mp3 smurfs1.wav The smurfs theme

panther1.mp3 panther1.wav Pink Panther theme

badboys.mp3 badboys.wav Bad Boys theme (sample)

hanukah.mp3 hanukah.wav Adam Sandler: Hanukah song

lunch_l.mp3 lunch_l.wav Adam Sandler: Lunch Lady song

gomer.mp3 gomer.wav Gomer pile opening theme

sliders2.mp3 sliders2.wav SLIDERS theme opening

x-filess.mp3 x-filess.wav X-files theme byte (short)

dudley.mp3 dudley.wav Dudley Dooright Theme

timewarp.wav Rocky Horror: Time Warp

tt-song.mp3 tt-song.wav Tiny Toons theme song

mup.mp3 mup.wav The Muppet Show Theme

renstimp.mp3 renstimp.wav Ren and Stimpy Theme

simpsons.mp3 simpsons.wav The Simpsons theme

scooby.mp3 scooby.wav Scooby Doo Theme

bearsong.mp3 bearsong.wav Do I love Bears (song)

twilzone.mp3 twilzone.wav Twilight Zone opening music

looney.wav Looney Tunes Theme

duesouth.mp3 duesouth.wav Due South TV Theme

larhardy.mp3 larhardy.wav Laurel and Hardy theme music

earth2.mp3 earth2.wav Earth 2 TV Theme

hhgthme.mp3 hhgthme.wav Hitch Hikers Guide Theme

sitonfac.mp3 sitonfac.wav Sit on My face (Monty Python)

schicken.mp3 schicken.wav Super Chicken Theme

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