Movies (Misc)

stupid3.wav Fish Called Wanda: Don’t call me stupid
welcm2.wav Welcome to Jurassic Park
80gigs.wav Johnny Mnemonic: I can carry nearly 80 gigs of data in my head
working3.wav Young Frankenstein: I thought I told you never to interrupt me while I’m working
someday.wav Godfather: Someday I may ask on you for a favour…
tgstupid.wav Top Gun: …regrets to inform you that your sons are dead because they were stuo
twice.wav Top Gun: I’ve only done this twice… crashed and burned… lookin’ good so far
best.wav Conan describes what is best about life.
sexappel.wav The Rock: More appealing than my average day avoiding gang rape in the washrooms…
suprfrek.wav The Rock: Chemical SUPER freak actually, but I still need a gun.
winners.wav The Rock: Losers whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.
term6.wav Terminator: You just can’t go around killing people… Why?
alwyspay.wav Get Shorty: …you have to get kind of rough if customers don’t pay…
wanda.wav Fish Called Wanda: Great long apology speech by John Cleese
wedding1.wav Four Weddings and a Funeral: …to recap in the words of David Cassidy… I think I love you
dontbeg.wav Christmas Carol: Merry Christmas Mr. Scrooge. Don’t beg on this corner boy.
godbles2.wav Christmas Carol: (Tiny Tim) And God Bless us all, everyone.
humbug2.wav Christmas Carol: Merry Christmas… Humbug! Baaah!
leftalon.wav Christmas Carol: What can we put you down for sir?… Nothing… I wish to be left alone
xmasday2.wav Christmas Carol: What day is today? Christmas day! The spirits did it all in one night!
whenmet.wav When Harry met Sally: I love it when you… the way you…
whenmet2.wav When Harry Met Sally: When you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
opera2.wav Marx Brothers: The Sanity Clause…
mfalcon5.wav Maltese Falcon: You’ve always got a smooth answer… Whatta ya want? A stutter?
mad-hell.wav Network: I’m MAD AS HELL, and I’m not going to take it anymore!
heather1.wav Heathers: I’m sorry… I’m feeling a little superior tonight…
gwtw.wav Gone with the Wind: …Frankly my dear, I don’t give a…
game1.wav War Games: Shall we play a game?
cpu.wav Terminator 2: Can you learn stuff… so you’re not such a dork…
selfterm.wav terminator 2: I can not self terminate
schizoph.wav Terminator 2: Doctor describes her delusions
paramatr.wav Terminator 2: You have to do what I say?…
lfehasno.wav Interview with a vampire: Life has no meaning… does it?
cbyoukid.wav Bogart: Here’s looking at you, kid.
notabum.wav The Jerk: Steve Martin; I was born a poor black child.
bambi.wav Cousin Vinny: Childs tale in poor taste
who.wav Big Trouble in Little China: You know what old Jack Burton says in a time like this…
hells.wav Big Time in Little China: Chinese have a lot of hells
bequiet.wav The Santa Clause: Be quiet so I can figure this out.
blife.wav Toy Story: There seems to be no sign of intelligent life…
buck_2.wav There they are…Pure Evil!… Lectroids!
celebrat.wav ID4: Today we celebrate our independence day
erased.wav Eraser: Smile, you’ve just been erased
et.wav ID4: …get up there and whip ET’s ass…
fatter.wav The Santa Clause: You’re fatter this year
flight.wav The Santa Clause: Can we take a direct flight back to sanity…
jerk01.wav The Jerk: I was born a poor black child
oz6.wav There’s no place like home
bogart.wav Bogart: Here’s looking at you kid.
ww_kewl.wav Wayne’s World: Kewl!
magicly.wav Wayne’s World: Magically Babelicious
livenow.wav Wayne’s World: Live in the now!
waynew.wav Wayne’s World: Party Time: Excellent
wongfu20.wav To Wong Fu: The last person didn’t have two teeth in his mouth…
gump-st.wav Gump: Stupid is as stupid does
poetry.wav Tank Girl: Torture me… but don’t read me any more of that poetry
tg_daddy.wav Tank Girl:…The first time you got laid; Daddy!
dharry2.wav Dirty Harry: I know what you’re thinking punk… Do you feel lucky?
oh_shit.wav Butch and Sundance jump off cliff
fastimes.wav Fast Times: Hey Bud! Let’s party!
foodfite.wav Animal House: Food fight!
boyscout.wav Naked Gun: I haven’t had this much sex since I was a boy scout leader
snakes.wav Indiana Jones; Snakes! Why’d they have to be snakes?
fewgmen.wav A few Good Men… You can’t handle the truth.
greeting.wav War Games: Greetings Professor Falken
helpyoui.wav Yoda: Help you I can… yes… Hmmm…
howdoi.wav Interview with a Vampire: How shall I do it? [kill myself]
witppl.wav Die Hard: Speech about who is going to help you…
hansyipe.wav Die Hard: German Yippie Kai Ya!
mime.wav Die Hard: …aiming for that mime…
cartoon.wav UHF: Weird Al describes the Roadrunner cartoon
crapbigr.wav Curly: I crap bigger than you
fukfuk~1.wav Planes, Trains…: Steve swears at car rental
fd-base.wav Field of Dreams: James Earl Jones Baseball quote
kill_us.wav Sneakers: There isn’t a government that wouldn’t kill us…
nsa.wav Sneakers: NSA… we’re the good guys (compared to CIA, FBI etc)
brkfst.wav Sneakers: Breakfast… Shall I phone you, or nudge you?
poltrgst.wav Poltergeist: Thhheeeeere heeeeeere!
beaver.wav Naked Gun: Nice beaver… thanks, I just had it stuffed
weapons.wav Broken Arrow: Would you mind not shooting ath the nuclear weapons
itsevil.wav Time Bandits: It’s evil! Don’t touch it!
fonebook.wav The Jerk: The new phonebooks are in!
shithead.wav The Jerk: Don’t call your dog lifesaver…
freshwin.wav The Jerk: Bring us some FRESH win… None of this old stuff
re-run.wav Running Man: I’ll be back… only in a re-run
dontreq.wav Running Man: Arnie; I don’t do requests
tv-ahole.wav Running Man: …you’re the asshole on TV…
takepic.wav Croc Dundee: You can’t take no photograph… you got lens cap on
7million.wav Croc Dundee: …New York must be a friendly place…
specie01.wav Species: I think the shit has hit the fan
specie03.wav Species: …asked me to find someone they didn’t want dead
specie06.wav Species: Doesn’t look like a successful mating to me…
specie07.wav Species: It’s all over everyone…go back to your lives
c2amer02.wav Coming to America: The royal penis is clean
sister~1.wav Hot Shots: … like sleeping with your sister…
sully.wav Commando: (Arnold)… I like you…I’ll kill you last
wedding2.wav 4 Weddings: Forgive me… Bugger Bugger Bugger!
trenchct.wav Mutant Turtles: …looked like a big turtle in a trench coat
pizza1.wav Mutant Turtles: pizza!
turtle1.wav Mutant Turtles: God I love being a Turtle!
nobody.wav Multiplicity: Nobody has sex with my wife but me
mother.wav Psycho: My mother isn’t quite herself today
at&tcrap.wav Crazy People: AT&T ; we’re tired of taking your crap
accident.wav Last Boy scout: …tripped and stuck your dick in my wife
mychick.wav What’s up Tiger Lilly: My snake is going to marry my chicken
nobody.wav What’s up Tiger Lilly: A bad Peter Lore imitation singing; Nobody Knows…
nude.wav What’s up Tiger Lilly: This camera develops with you nude…
snake.wav What’s up Tiger Lilly: My snake! …a long thin coffin?
wierdsci.wav Weird Science theme
shorty02.wav Get Shorty: … I might have to give up loan sharking…
testies.wav Johny Dangerously: Dr Zilman talks about your testies
jndang16.wav Johnny Dangerous: My father hung me on a hook once… ONCE!
jndang08.wav Johnny Dangerous: Dames are put on this earth to weaken us…
jndang10.wav Johnny Dangerous: My mother grabbed me once… ONCE
hula.wav Lion King: Hula Dance
god-man.wav Jurassic Park: God creates dinosaurs…
name.wav Indiana Jones: We named the Dog Indiana
junior.wav Indiana Jones: Don’t call me Junior!
martini.wav Bond: Shaken, not stirred.
ns-flash.wav Night Shift: Jumpin’ Jack Flash
ns-ideas.wav Night Shift: Why I tape record my ideas…
ns-rubbl.wav Night Shift: That Barney Rubble… What an actor.
ns-shut.wav Night Shift: Tell Jack to SHUT UP!
say-much.wav Groucho Marx: You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve seen
humansee.wav Planet of the Apes: Human see… human do
damn_you.wav Planet of the Apes: DAMN YOU ALL!
pulse1.wav Aliens: Let’s ROCK!
tumor.wav Kindergarten Cop: It might be a tumour… It’s NOT a tumour!
vagina.wav Kindergarten Cop: Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina
goodyear.wav Police Squad: The same old story…
hotshots.wav Hot Shots: Your penis is a weapon…
babe.wav Barbed Wire: Don’t call me Babe.
drkovrl.wav Howard the Duck: I am the Dark Overlord
fartntub.wav Trading Places: If we wanted a Jacuzzi, we had to fart in the tub
beefjrky.wav Trading Places: Time for Beef Jerky
roxanne.wav 48 Hours: Eddie sings ROXANNE
kfm01.wav Kentucky Fried Movie: The popcorn has been pissed in
lilshp04.wav Little Shop of Horrors: FEEED ME!
sc_bond.wav Sean Connery: Bond, James Bond
whatthef.wav Risky Business: Sometimes you gotta say; What the…
allihave.wav Scarface – Pacino: All I have is my balls…
questn.wav ID4: The question of whether we are alone…
timewarp.wav Rocky Horror: Time Warp
goodnews.wav Night of the Creeps: …Your dates are dead…
laststar.wav Last Starfighter: You have been recruited…
heyabbtt.wav Abbott & Costello: Costello yells; HEY ABBOTT
eman01.wav The elephant man: I am not an animal
odd01.wav Odd Couple: Everything you do irritates me…
opinion.wav Clint Eastwood: Opinions are like assholes…
whooa.wav Scent of a woman: OOOHA!
untuoch.wav Untouchables: … send one of his to the morgue
shooteye.wav Christmas Story: You’ll shoot your eye out
reflexes.wav Big Trouble in Little China: Its all in the reflexes
roomsv.wav Johnny Mnemonic: I want room service!
chevychs.wav Christmas Vacation: Chase Insult
bob-see.wav What about Bob?: He’s not gone…
goahead.wav Beetlejuice: Go ahead make my millennium
dontmind.wav Beetlejuice: …Somebody dropped a house on her sister
liver.wav Hanibal Lecter: I ate his liver…
yfrank02.wav Young Frankenstein: Werewolf… There wolf!
wasted.wav Fast Times: I’m so wasted!
speed.wav Top Gun: I feel the need for speed
pirates.wav Jurassic Park: Disneyland vs Jurassic Park
punk.wav Clint: Do ya feel lucky… punk?
et.wav ET Phone Home!
goodking.wav History of World: It’s good to be the king
jackn.wav A Few Good Men: You can’t handle the truth
lionslps.wav Lion King: The lion sleeps tonight
class.wav Back to School: Call me when you have no class
close.wav Close Encounters: Alien tones
fletch01.wav Fletch: …I’ll wave my rights
bad.wav Roger Rabbit: I’m not Bad… I’m just drawn that way
goodmorn.wav Good Morning Vietnam
grouch07.wav Groucho Marks: You’ve got the brain of a 4 year old…
funny.wav GoodFellas: How am I funny?
dvldance.wav Batman: Did you ever dance with the devil…
porsche.wav Crazy People: Porsche ad
donthink.wav Clueless: I don’t THINK so
problem.wav Fast Times…: Hey Bud, what’s your problem?
mrhand.wav Fast Times…: Late for class
tastywav.wav Fast Times…: All I need is a bud, some waves etc…
vista.wav Asta La Vista – Baby!
thevoice.wav Field of Dreams: If you build it – it will come
riddleme.wav Batman: Riddle me this…
puleeze.wav Roger Rabbit: Puuuuleeease
37dicks.wav Clerks: My girlfriend sucked 37 dicks… in a row?
yipekay1.wav Die Hard: Yipekaya!
boxchoc.wav Forest Gump: Life is like a box of chocolates
allbad.wav True Lies: …Yeah, but they were all bad
dogtoo.wav Casablanca: … Gin joints… She walks into mine
yesyes.wav When Harry Met Sally: Orgasm scene
ruthp01.wav Ruthless People: I love wrong numbers
apollo13.wav Apollo 13: We have a problem
bigdeal.wav Broken Arrow: I don’t know what the big deal is…
cool.wav Bill and Ted: Cool
foodfi~1.wav Animal House: FOOD FIGHT
idiot.wav Lion King: Surrounded by idiots
shinin01.wav The Shining: Here’s Johnny!
short001.wav Short Circuit: Number 5 is ALIVE
clous003.wav Pink Panther: What kind of a bomb was it?
inter-tv.wav Speed: Interactive TV
killgoph.wav Caddyshack: Kill all the gophers
hellllo.wav Clueless: Hello?
humbug.wav Bah! Humbug!
wopr02.wav War Games: How about a nice game of chess?
robocop4.wav Robocop: Either way, you’re coming with me
illbback.wav I’ll be back!
intrstng.wav Lion King (I think): Very Interesting
jingle.wav The pig from BABE Sings Jingle Bells
soylent.wav Soylent Green is PEOPLE!
makeday.wav Go ahead… make my day

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