Star Trek

redalert.wav DS9 red alert
tenbilln.wav 1 down. 10 billion to go.
stcomp.wav Computer. Status report
tngchime.wav TNG Doorbell sound.
trek2ans.wav Compilation of TNG lines that make an answering machine message
affmativ.wav Affirmative
colorful.wav Are you sure it isn’t time for a colourful metaphor?
batlestn.wav Battle Stations (Janeway)
doing.wav I want to know EXACTLY what you thought you were doing!
blocked.wav Our communications are being blocked (Tuvok)
cfgstble.wav The new configuration is stable (Tuvok)
amaze.wav The vulcan brain never seizes to amaze me (Doctor)
trekwhst.wav Trek sound for intercom
zesty.wav I’m sorry… Too zesty for you? (Zimmerman)
welcome.wav I’m Captain Benjamin Sisko. Welcome to Deep Space 9.
stds9_01.wav Cisco talks about James T. Kirk while on original enterprise
c604.wav Spock: LLAP
c608.wav Picard: Computer, what happened
c615.wav Janeway: We’re starfleet officers. Weird is part of the job.
c622.wav Locutis: Your life, as it has been, is over
c623.wav Data: AH! I have access
c629.wav EM Doctor: I’m a doctor, not a database
c630.wav Kess: Computer activate emergency holographic medical program
tenbilln.wav EM Doctor: One down, 10 billion to go.
downldpr.wav EM Doctor: Prepare to download my program…
ewn09.wav Kirk: I’ve seen a part of me, no man should ever see
history.wav Picard: …He’s James T. Kirk. Don’t you read history?
lifefrms.wav Data sings: Life forms, you precious little life forms…
ctm06.wav Spock: I do not dispute it. I merely state that it is wrong
ctm11.wav Spock: Checkmate
dont_hug.wav Worf: Do not hug me
bal03.wav …We’ll enter the neutral zone in less than an hour…
brdgbtn1.wav Trek TOS Computer sounds
brdgbtn3.wav Trek TOS Computer sounds
brdgbtn4.wav Trek TOS Computer sounds
brdgbtn5.wav Trek TOS Computer sounds
brdgbtn6.wav Trek TOS Computer sounds
brdgbtn7.wav Trek TOS Computer sounds
doors.wav Trek TOS doors
jlp-tea.wav Picard: Tea; earl gray – hot.
on_vactn.wav Worf: I am on vacation
histrian.wav Bashir: I’m a doctor, not an historian
transfer.wav Computer: Transfer complete
groovy.wav Tuvok: What does it mean; groovy?
compmalf.wav Tuvok: It will simply look like a computer malfunction
agents.wav Tom: I told you’ we’re secret agents
communi.wav Trek TOS communicator sound
kirk1.wav Kirk: Standby to receive transmission
fasinate.wav Spock: Fascinating
scarcrow.wav Q: We’ve all done the scarecrow
impresiv.wav Sisco: Now THAT would be impressive
offline.wav Computer: Command functions are offline
data1.wav Data: Captain, we are being hailed
ds9-bett.wav Miles: I feel better already
shatner.wav William Shatner (really) sings on a 60’s album
tam-shor.wav William Shatner’s Tambourine man (really bad)
face_dth.wav Worf: A weak human afraid to face death
shutdown.wav Geordie: Initiating a core shutdown
tribble.wav Tribble Purrs
nofire.wav Trapped with the only Indian who can’t start a fire…
kirkhere.wav Beep Beep.. (communicator) Kirk here.
hadphas.wav …Scotty, you’ve just earned your pay for the week
dontwait.wav Trek 6: Don’t wait for the translation!
2hours.wav Requested function will take 2 hours to complete
st-good.wav Janeway: I only have time for good news…
hand.wav Scotty: I know this ship like the back of my hand
luvtrek.wav Trek compilation of Spock/Kirk love
scotcomp.wav Compilation of Scotty
scotty1.wav Scotty: Up your shaft
locutus2.wav Picard as Locutus
relays.wav Voyager Computer:
restate.wav Voyager Computer:
deceit.wav Voyager Doctor: Not versed in deceit
disturb.wav Nelix: This looks like a DO NOT DISTURB SIGN to me
sf_holo.wav Voyager Doctor: …you’re a STARFLEET hologram
working.wav Trek TOS Computer: Working
working2.wav Trek TNG Computer: Working
incmgmsg.wav Worf: Incoming message sir
holodeck.wav Holodeck opening sounds
picar.wav Engage
med_emer.wav Please state the nature of your medical emergency
nakeddx.wav Dax: Being in a room with so many naked people.
livelong.wav Spock: Live long and prosper
crime.wav Odo: The next time you call me…report a crime
alert1.wav Trek Red Alert Sound
fed1.wav Star Trek 1: RED ALERT warning
blame.wav Q: Blame me for everything
photon.wav Sound of photon style shot
trekdoor.wav Sound of Trek Doors
scott06.wav Scotty: Hello Computer
systems.wav Data: All systems functioning…
dead.wav McCoy: He’s Dead Jim
correct.wav Computer confirmation
beammeup.wav Kirk: Beam me up
worfsory.wav Worf breaking Geordie’s violin
beam_up.wav Sound of beam up (original series)
aim.wav Data: Do not worry counsellor… your aim is getting better
alldead.wav Compilation of “he’s dead Jim” quotes
data5.wav Data: Take my Worf, Please!
makeitso.wav Picard: Make it so
merryman.wav Worf: I Protest! I am NOT a Merry Man!

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