Monty Python

thebbc.wav The following program not suitable for family viewing… (described)
zone.wav Eroginous Zooooooone!
albatros.wav ALBATROSS!
shrub.wav We want – A SHRUBBERY!
quest.wav What is your quest?
silence.wav You will find yourself in gladiator school very quickly…
strike.wav Strike him centurion… very wruffly
iamdeath.wav I am death
silly1.wav Now this is silly!
get_on.wav GET ON WITH IT!
mpfren~1.wav Holy Grail: I blow my nose at you!
capricor.wav Life of Brian: Well what star sign is he? [Jesus]… King of the Jews… That’s Capricorn is it?
confess.wav Alright, I confess – I did it.
apologz.wav I apologize for that…
annoy.wav We interrupt… to be irritating
apology.wav Cleese: a long winded, but excellent apology
mp-ping1.wav And get the machine that goes PING
mp-ping.wav I see you’ve got the machine that goes PING
looney1.wav John Cleese: (Fish License) You’re a looney!
rodent.wav That’s no ordinary rabbit…
argue.wav Is this the right room for an argument?
twit.wav Don’t give me that (abuse) …Oh sorry, this is abuse
middle.wav Meaning of Life: Welcome to the middle of the film
bucket.wav Meaning of Life: Better get a bucket; I’m gonna throw up
terrier.wav …Chop off it’s legs…
freemasn.wav (abuse)…I wouldn’t be a free mason now if you begged me…
tryagain.wav …No… Try again, but say a DIFFERENT one…
blaknite.wav Holy Grail: Black Knight’s parting words
bequiet.wav King Arthur: I order you to be quiet!
people~1.wav The Judean people’s front
spam.wav Complete Spam Sketch (and song)
lobjail.wav Life of Brian: In Jail: You lucky bastard…
lobjew.wav Life of Brian: I’m a Jew Mom!
loblatin.wav Life of Brian: Romans go home lesson
lobleper.wav Life of Brian: Spare some change for an ex-leper
loblnlft.wav Life of Brian: Crucifixion? Goooood….
lobpeace.wav Life of Brian: What have the Romans done for us?
nudge.wav Nudge Nudge
better.wav I’m getting better… (Bring out your dead)
sexontv.wav I’m against Sex on TV. I keep falling off
mp-fart.wav Holy Grail: I fart in your general direction
repress.wav Peasant speech to King…Repress against the kingdom
bastard.wav Cleese: You Bastards!
death-am.wav Death speaks out (Meaning of Life)
mp-monks.wav Holy Grail: Monks pounding their heads with boards
mp-msg.wav Holy Grail: Message for you sir
mp-nee.wav Holy Grail: The Knights who say NI
sitonfac.wav Sit on my Face (Song)
mp-nene.wav Holy Grail: Knights who say NI
span2.wav Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition
spanish.wav Spanish Inquisition with dramatic chord
swallow.wav Holy Grail: Question 3: What kind of swallow?
mp-notne.wav Holy Grail: No longer the Knights who say NI
mp-shrub.wav Holy Grail: Bring me a shrubbery
bringout.wav Holy Grail: Bring out your dead!
andnow2.wav And now for something completely different
denver.wav John Denver being strangled (banned from radio)

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