The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

mrknow4.wav Here he is… Mr Know-it-all!
throttle.wav Peabody: Suppressing the urge to throttle Sherman…
rokbull.wav Opening Theme
shuddup.wav (Boris) Shuddup Your Mouth!
peabodys.wav Peabody’s Opening Theme
theend.wav So this is the end?
confirm.wav You have confirmed my suspicions
trouble.wav (Rocky) This looks like real trouble…
allover.wav Is it all over Rock?…
nolisten.wav (Boris) Weren’t you listening?
obviusly.wav Yeah, obviously.
ofcourse.wav (Natasha) Of course Dawling.
forgot.wav (Boris) I knew I forgot something
bullwink.wav Hello out there in TV Land
heyrocky.wav Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat
yousaid.wav Boris Badinoff: You said it buster

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