Kim West Quickie

kim_west2003 is hard to pigeonhole

It is important to note these chatters are random.  This is the first time I have ever chatted with this stranger.

This time, she started with “how you” so I knew right away she was going to be a foreigner.  When they use the code words “am kim” it’s another giveaway they’ve taken the same chat course online.  Kim was an odd one to crack, she seemed smart and dumb at once.

kim_west2003 has buzzed you! kim_west2003: how you? kim_west2003 has buzzed you! kim_west2003: how you?

Jeff: hey Kim.

kim_west2003: hi
Jeff: I love you. I want to send you a Western Union money to move here and marry me.

kim_west2003: lol

Jeff: LOL was a good reply. Confusion would mean you WERE an African queen and my answers threw off your script.

kim_west2003: Yeah..

Jeff: Hi. I am Jeff.

kim_west2003: am Kim kim_west2003: how you doing?

Jeff: oh no. Kim Kim Kim… you Are from Africa.  I had high hopes.

kim_west2003: Yeah.. kim_west2003: u?

Jeff: Why is it I keep getting people from Africa chatting me. I must be on some sucker list.  It must be a national past time.  Did you take a course on ways to Chat Americans? I am so confused.

kim_west2003: nope

Jeff: Sorry. That was rude. I’ll play along.

kim_west2003: k kim_west2003: u from canada right?

Jeff: I am Jeff. A single 44 year ol Canadian, deep in snow

kim_west2003: am 32 years of age single with no kids

Jeff: It is 6:30am here. I’m just waking up for my Friday.

kim_west2003: ohh cool

Jeff: I am cynical of strangers who chat me and use the words love too soon. May I ask where you found my user ID?

kim_west2003: SURE

Jeff: That kind of was a question in itself.

kim_west2003: k

Jeff: I find it hard to chat with idiots… or are you trying to be funny?

kim_west2003: nope

Jeff: ok Kim. Thanks for the hello chat. We are not compatible. Jeff: I may use this on my web site of Hilarious African chatters.

kim_west2003: Yeah i know that Jeff: know what? Jeff: you confuse me.