FBI or Teenager?

I understand that I might get more instant message HELLO’S than the average person.  My instant message contacts appear in several places on my popular web site, and also I bothered to fill out actual profiles on Yahoo and MSN where most people leave them blank.  I’m not afraid of being known and stalking hasn’t really been an issue yet. 

I understand some people like sexy chat.  Phone sex in text.  I don’t… I never have… but it’s always interested me how they start, and how fake they can be.  People in chat are seldom who they seem.  I received this most interesting exchange recently.  It fascinated me because not only was the user trying desperately to convince me they were a young teenage cheerleader, they were horrible at it.  I don’t know if they were a teenager or not, but they came across so fake that it made me laugh.  If I was an FBI agent looking to hook chatters into kiddy porn, I’d have been less obvious.  I really don’t know what to make of this.  The names have been changed – but everything else is exactly how it happened.

(04 05) 19:08: superchsan: whazzup hommie g nizzle?

(04 05) 19:08: frogstar42: You should know, I am a 41 year old guy.

(04 05) 19:09: superchsan: yeah well u can still be cool

(04 05) 19:09: frogstar42: Yeah… just not so much nizzle.

(04 05) 19:09: superchsan: ooooh than a home slice?

(04 05) 19:10: frogstar42: sure. Can I be cool and still use English?
(04 05) 19:10: superchsan: fore real dawg

(04 05) 19:10: superchsan: just halla!

(04 05) 19:10: frogstar42: Well done. Every cliché in less than 3 minutes.

(04 05) 19:11: frogstar42: An FBI agent trying to be a teenager wouldn’t even use that much. (grin)

(04 05) 19:11: superchsan: huh?

(04 05) 19:11: frogstar42: exactly.

(04 05) 19:11: frogstar42: we are different.

(04 05) 19:12: superchsan: i am fbi!

(04 05) 19:12: frogstar42: That would make more sense than you being a cool teenager.

(04 05) 19:12: superchsan: no im just a cool teenager (04 05) 19:12: superchsan: OMG GUESS WHAT? (04 05) 19:13: frogstar42: I couldn’t begin to guess. (04 05) 19:13: superchsan: i got my new cheer uniform in the mail 2day! yippy skippy! it looks so killer on me ! ……im so sexy

(04 05) 19:14: frogstar42: I am not going down that road. Find a new chat friend please.

(04 05) 19:15: superchsan: why ? (04 05) 19:15: superchsan: i made the team (04 05) 19:15: superchsan: and you diddnt! (04 05) 19:15: superchsan: dont be jelous! (04 05) 19:15: superchsan: i wasnt implying anything

(04 05) 19:15: frogstar42: I don’t want to chat with you right now. I have no interest in your life. Sorry.

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