Comspiracy Theories

Weed is illegal because conspiracy theories make sense.

Welcome to the Frogstar conspiracy pages. The conspiracies posted here are not real.

I do not actually believe most of what I publish here, but I did think these thoughts.  I’ve always been more of a WHAT IF guy than a believer.  Take these ideas and do what you want with them.  Just don’t sure or arrest me for ideas.

In order to believe conspiracy theories exist, we must first accept the knowledge that; we don’t know what we don’t know.  Anything is possible, if we’re not in the loop, and not the ones told about it.  The world may have more direction that we can understand.  People may have control, and we just don’t know.

All it takes to keep a secret is to not tell people.
Think about how easy that concept can be, on a small scale, or on a grand scale.

There is a saying; “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t following you.”  I offer my own variation on this axiom. “Just because it’s considered a crazy conspiracy idea” doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Note:  All the original content (not including comments) was made up.  I have no facts.  Some may be true, but I have no reason to believe anything.  I just enjoy thinking of ideas, and wondering how life would be different if these ideas were true.  In most cases, life would be exactly the same, which makes me wonder how many could be true.

  • When I was a kid, we had one black student in my entire high school, and everybody I knew had one of only about 50 popular names.  The world sure has changed now that America has allowed so many people from other countries to come here.  Sometimes I wonder if we did it so they wouldn’t bomb us.  If there are 1 million Arabs in the USA, you may not want to blow them up.
  • We’ll probably never know how much of our entertainment is a tool for directing our world, but its fun to guess at the kind of things that could be going on. I wonder if Radio Stations really compile top 10 or top 100 lists, or whether they sell some positions.  I always hear songs in those lists I know nobody really loves.
  • Every so often we see a movie, or read a book that shows us a glimpse of what Organized Crime used to be like, and we’re told it’s not that way anymore.  I often wonder how much of our everyday life is actually controlled by “the new” Organized Crime, and if it’s not – why the hell wouldn’t it be?  As an example, in Canada, we’ve been trying to lessen the pot smoking laws for years.  I find it hard to believe Organized Crime wants this, and I find it harder to believe that the people who suggest lessening the laws don’t get a horse head in their beds the day after they suggest it.
  • What are the odds that Frank Sinatra became a star on his own merits?  How many “stars” are really Mafia placed.
  • All this talk about Elvis and a few others faking their own deaths gets me thinking.  Faking your own death is a pretty cool idea, and yet I don’t believe we have EVER heard of even one non-fiction case of somebody being discovered as faking their own death.  I wonder if this just means they do it well, and it happens all the time.  I bet there are a LOT of stars who got rich and stardom wasn’t what they wanted.  Faking your own death seems like an excellent idea.  In fact, of all the stars to do it, Elvis actually makes a lot of sense.
  • Religion was created to better control people, and I think that is a worthy cause.  If we don’t die, we have to make better lives.  I just wish there weren’t so many “silly” rules, and they’d create a religion that wasn’t quite so far-fetched by today’s standards.
  • We’ll probably never know an awful lot about our past before written word was popular, so it makes me ponder how many REALLY significant things were not described in stone.  What if Earth was substantially different, cosmically speaking.  What if it spun at a different speed, or was closer or farther from the sun than it is now.  If gravity in ancient times was different, maybe the rocks that were used to build the pyramid were light enough to carry.  We’d really have no way of knowing.  Nobody else seems to have a better explanation.
  • Maybe the pyramids appeared overnight with no earthly explanation… like Crop circles.  Before man could fly, we’d have never noticed crop circles.  They’d need something bigger to get our attention.
  • Do you ever wonder if there are parts of earth we don’t know about?  Like entire continents or islands.  Who would know if there was an Australia sized island somewhere in the sea. The same concept holds true for towns.  A recent TV show called PUSH Nevada didn’t last long because it was too odd for the ratings masses, but it started me thinking that entire towns could certainly be filled with fake townspeople.
  • Don’t you think the world could lessen crime a LOT if we wanted to?  I mean… really.  If I wanted no crime, there would be a lot of things you could do differently.  I think second time offenders should just vanish.  Everybody knows they vanish, but nobody knows where they go.
  • If there are even half as many secrets as the media wants us to believe, there must be a whole lot of people who know the secrets.  I always wondered; Who built the batcave?
  • I wonder what percentage of death is real, and what percentage of death is a tool to get more agents for secrecy.  If everybody believes you’re dead, you have great power in secrecy.
  • The Internet is still pretty slow, even with high speed.  How do we know “they” don’t use some overhead to mirror our hard drives on the bandwidth.  All it’d take is a network protocol that doesn’t flash the lights.  We’d never know.
  • Wouldn’t it be sad if child birth was actually a terrible terrible thing, but we all agreed not to tell anybody because we can’t do without it.  Of course, this doesn’t explain why people have 2 or 3 or 6 kids.
  • Maybe Test tube babies evolve in better humans because they have three sets of parental genes.
  • Bottled water is drugged.  That’s why we all want it.  When I was a kid, we were happy with tap water.  What changed?  If they made a specific bottled water brand water addictive, we’d never notice.
  • We’ve all seen science fiction movies, or other films where another world has a slave race.  In reality, Earth of today is a slave race. The smart people and the not-so smart people.  We need people who don’t graduate to do a lot of the work.  Is it possible we COULD make everyone in the world smart and healthy and mentally healthy – but we don’t.  We keep people down. We need them.
  • I wonder who invented electricity, light bulbs, radio, TV and the phone when you live in China, or Russia?  Surely everything wasn’t really invented by Americans.
  • What’s the deal with water from a well?  Am I to believe I can just dig a hole in the ground anywhere and eventually find clean drinking water?  That doesn’t make sense to me at all.  Clean dirt-free rivers flow everywhere below us?  How can that be?
  • I’d like to write a movie about Aliens coming to earth in the 1950’s and how the Government would handle it.  I strongly suspect that it’d be exactly like we’ve seen unfold as life.  We’d start with government sanctioned science fiction, alien abduction reports, crazy people, and technology advancements.  After a 50 year plan, the public is conditioned and almost ready to hear the news.  IN fact, we’re almost sick of NOT hearing the news already.  We are almost expecting it.  Isn’t that a perfect plan?  The WAR OF THE WORLDS radio was a Government test.  People were not ready 50 years ago.  Today, we are.  Expect the news soon.
  • How many people have you met in your life?  Would a “Trueman Show” type environment be possible around you?
  • Refurbished?  A lot of technology stores have started selling “refurbished” goods.  They claim these are factory repackaged used goods, but sold almost like new.  I’ve discovered most of these items are discontinued product lines.  Has “refurbished” become a way of selling “discontinued” products?  Just a sneaky wording change and people think it’s a deal, not a rip off.   Hmmm.
  • Jesus was a politician: Jesus may have been the first man to figure out religion was best way to control the masses.  It’s a tool that is almost required to keep the masses in line.  Crime control: if you don’t die, you are forced to live a better life.  If we teach you there is more to life after you die, you might be nicer.
  • I am not shocked at how much THE SIMS duplicates real life.  I am actually fascinated at how much REAL LIFE plays out like a well planned video game.  God may be playing a group of different beings, competing in a game, playing out a program.  How many people have you actually met in your life?  If you wrote a video game, wouldn’t it be like life?  Soon, our games will almost be like life.  At what point do we tell the game pieces they’re not real?
  • Wouldn’t it be funny if all first-time births are actually 1000 times worse (painful and horrible) than we think, but we have to keep it a secret or humans will die off.
  • Races are part of evolution.  Different people ARE better at different things.  Man is afraid evolution could will make one race extinct some day, so inter-racial mixes are helpful to slow evolution, but save our asses.
  • We can now send single cells to other planets… and we have.  If we never ever go back to the moon or mars, will our “stuff” cause an evolution to begin?  What would mars be like in a billion years, just from the earth stuff on our probes?  Who’s to say that isn’t how earth started?
  • Howard Stern hates his job and has troubles with interns and sound and management ONLY because he wants to relate.  His audience hates their job, and has trouble with management.  If Howard wanted to, he’d have a perfect studio and perfect staff in a minute… but then he wouldn’t be “one of us”… He’d be “one of them”.  Howard Stern is a smart man, and I’d be willing to bet almost every aspect of his show and public life is by design.
  • Drugs (pot) are illegal because conspiracies (like the ones found on this page) start to make sense!  (Good bumper sticker)
  • Who invented dogs, and why did they stop?  Over thousands of years, man bread different species of dogs to be good at different things.  Why the hell don’t we do that still?  I want a cat-sized non-barking silent dog that likes litter boxes.  I want a cat that fetches.
  • If the earth is getting smaller every year, then it stands to reason it used to be bigger.  Maybe it was more different in the past than our science can comprehend.  Maybe ancient times had different gravity.  If rocks were lighter, maybe a man could carry a huge stone, and building pyramids was actually pretty easy.
  • Crop circles exist today because we can fly, and see them from above.  If we couldn’t fly, they’d be almost useless. Before we could fly, Stonehenge and pyramids were needed. We don’t know why they exist, but I think they’re the same.  They’re some sign we don’t yet understand.  Maybe they’re maps or musical notes or something.  We’ll figure it out when the time is right.
  • Funny thought:  When we land on Mars, we see a sign;  “End of Level 3”.   Hmmm…
  • If they all agreed to make a brand new designer drug, and make it legal, we’d all win.
  • Xrays and other tests FOR cancer, actually cause cancer.
  • Alien Abduction: If people were abducted by Aliens, the world may run exactly the same way.  Does anybody actually know an alien crackpot, or are they all made up but one.  If it really happened once, wouldn’t it make sense to make us believe it didn’t, by creating fake crackpots and scaring anybody from really reporting such abductions.  The crackpots may be fake…
  • Question: How come no REAL news ever talks about aliens, crop circles or other phenomena?  It’s always cable shows on Sunday.
  • Classes Exist.  The smart people don’t let the less-smart know.  People make the rules, and the direction.  On this page, we’ll refer to these people as THEY, or “the smarts”.
  • Weird idea: everyone should try an experiment.  Have sex on one specific day and get pregnant.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to see every woman give birth within the same week. Think how that would effect everything.  I have heard reports that a LOT of people had sex around 9/11/2001 and had babies within the same few days.  It has caused shortages on cribs and clothes.  I suspect it’ll throw a wrench in the school system in the future, and these babies will almost certainly have a nickname like 9-11 babies etc.
  • Question:  Did we open up our country to foreign immigrants to assure they won’t bomb us?  If there are a million Arabs living here, we’re safer.
  • Style: baseball caps backwards was police idea.  As more and more people started to wear baseball caps, THEY started a new fashion trend.  If everybody is “cool” to wear their caps backwards, then we can see their faces.  Criminals are “cool” and we can see their face in the store security cam.  If they wear them brim-front, then we can’t see their face.  So, THEY get the word out. TV starts and music stars start wearing them backwards.