I’m rich.

You’re Hot!  Want to go out?

It is important to note these chatters are random.  This is the first time I have ever chatted with this stranger.

SMARTYPANTS21396: heyy

Jeff: hello

SMARTYPANTS21396: you’re hottttt

Jeff: I know. It’s 82 in here

SMARTYPANTS21396: want to go out???

Jeff: sure. come on over

SMARTYPANTS21396: where you live and how old are you???

Jeff: Should I lie? Jeff: You will.

SMARTYPANTS21396: send me a pic of you!!!! i want to admire it!!! SMARTYPANTS21396: no honey your my baby!!!! SMARTYPANTS21396: yesss of courseeee

Jeff: I am in Nigeria. My age is 32.  am Jeff by name.

SMARTYPANTS21396: !!!!!1 SMARTYPANTS21396: sweeeeeeeet let me just come on over in my privatttteeee jetttt!!!! i am ricchhhhh!!!! SMARTYPANTS21396: i’m 31 as of february!!!

Jeff: then you don’t need strangers.

SMARTYPANTS21396: What??

Jeff: I do not believe strangers who say I am hot without seeing a picture and certainly don’t believe you will visit… so I’m confused as to what you really are.

SMARTYPANTS21396: No…..i have seen one on a friends computer somehow they got a pic of you and…..so i saw it…….and i will visit if you promise me one thing…..

Jeff: ok. I am Jeff in Canada. 44… still interested? Jeff: I will not lie.
(long pause)
Jeff: oh well… you went away. I guess I’m too old.

SMARTYPANTS21396: What?? SMARTYPANTS21396: No heck no my parents were 13 years apart SMARTYPANTS21396: ….. so where do u really live and how old are you really SMARTYPANTS21396: ???

Jeff: oh. I thought the chat delay meant you ran away
SMARTYPANTS21396: nooooooo i was taking care of me sister she is spendin the day over my house she is 15

Jeff: ok. So tell me why you chat with strangers in other countries. It seems odd to me.

SMARTYPANTS21396: WEll……….. SMARTYPANTS21396: if i really luv someone and think they are bangin i take the shot!!!! SMARTYPANTS21396: Soooo u have any kids??? SMARTYPANTS21396: Ever been married???

Jeff: I had a girlfriend for years, but never married. Never had kids.

SMARTYPANTS21396: OOOOO well if i wewre yo go out with you would you be able to promise me one thing….

Jeff: I am honest.
SMARTYPANTS21396: SEXXXXXXXX on the first date kids in teh first year and love for my wholllee life!!!!! SMARTYPANTS21396: can u promise me…. SMARTYPANTS21396: no guys ever like me b/c i ask themthat!!!!

Jeff: I can not promise anything like that. Sorry. Look elsewhere. I can’t imagine promising that to a stranger. You must be crazy.

SMARTYPANTS21396: kkk luvvv youuu ssooooo much ohhhh my husband and kids say heellllooo !!!!!!

Jeff: I see. Ok… Enjoy your insanity crazy person.
SMARTYPANTS21396:SMARTYPANTS21396: !!! SMARTYPANTS21396: byeeee my sex kitten
SMARTYPANTS21396: byeeee

Jeff: You did make me laugh.

SMARTYPANTS21396: u made me an erection !!!! and a historectimy u gave meee tooooo much pleasure remember me i’m oart of your wildest dreams

Jeff: I am a man… Jeff: I have interest in anbody’s erection but my own.

SMARTYPANTS21396: lol byyyeeee

Not sure what to make of that one.  I should never trust a username SMARTYPANTS.

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