freak.wav Stop it man! You’re freaking me out!
 beef.wav Kramer sings about beef to his horse
 bigdaddy.wav Don’t look at me! Oh I’m lookin’ right at you big Daddy!
 sponge.wav I couldn’t decide if he was really sponge worthy
 steinjob.wav George tells George Steinbrenner off.
 stcts.wav Super Terrific carple tunnel syndrome
 willkill.wav …given the legal opportunity, I will kill you
 go_time.wav It’s GO time!
 frknout.wav This thing is really freaking me out
 2ndsmoke.wav Second hand smoke joke
 abbott.wav What is this? An Abbott and Costello routine?
 with_ppl.wav Seinfeld: I’m with people… I’ll be with you in a minute
 bit_me.wav Neuman: Kramer bit me!
 seinfeld.wav Seinfelf music splash
 hideous.wav Kramer: Don’t look! I’m hideous
 knockers.wav George: …feel bad about staring at her knockers
 assman.wav Cosmo Kramer: The Assman
 bad_boy.wav George: I’m the BAD boy
 icaniple.wav Jerry: I think I see a nipple
 domain.wav Jerry: Are you still master of your own domain? a bra?
 findbra.wav Mr. Castanza: How long does it take to find
 prfrench.wav George: I coined the phrase; pardon my French
 spock.wav Jerry: Spock dies, they wrap him in that sunglass  case
 oncegaga.wav Jerry: Just once I’d like to be gaga
 frbdlove.wav Neuman: Aw Yes… Forbidden Love
 bacon.wav Kramer: She can bring home the bacon…
 shmoop.wav Jerry talks schmoopy
 shmoop1.wav Bye Scmoopy… Bye Schmoopy
 shmoop3.wav Ami I forgiven Schmoopy?
 youthink.wav You think you can get SOUP?!?
 pretz.wav Kramer: These pretzels are making me thirsty
 doofus.wav Kramer: Am I a hipster Doofus?
 unemploy.wav George: I’m unemployed, and I live with my mother…
 george3.wav George’s date: Thanks him for the Big Mac
 jerry-~3.wav This occurs on a molecular level…
 elaine~5.wav Elaine: (to George) You drain the shallow man pool
 george~7.wav George: …they pull me back in…
 kramer~3.wav Kramer: OoOoOoO… Yes.
 kramer~6.wav Kramer: I’m Out!
 kramer~7.wav Kramer: You gotta listen to the little man
 kramerz.wav Kramer: YOU’RE CRAZY!
 nosoup.wav No Soup For You!
 dingo.wav Elaine: Maybe a dingo ate your baby…
 newman.wav Jerry says the famous; NEWMAN

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