Saturday Night Live

ba-bye.wav What part didn’t you understand? The BUH or the BYE?
copies.wav Makin’ Copies
carsucks.wav Adam Sandler: Car is a piece of shit song
hanukah.wav Adam Sandler: Hanukah song
lunch_l.wav Adam Sandler: Lunch Lady song
special.wav Church Lady: Well isn’t that special
coffee2.wav Coffee Talk opening with Paul Baldwin
squat.wav You’re not going to amount to Jack Squat
sprocket.wav Welcome to Sprokets, my name is Dieter
buhbye.wav David Spade: Bye Bye
church~2.wav Church Lady talks with Danny DeVito
mrbill.wav Original Mr Bill sketch (poor quality)
snlpatcg.wav Pat sings the Crying Game
monkeys.wav Cha… and Monkey’s fly out of my butt
ladee.wav Matt Foley: La De Freakin’ Da
foley.wav Matt Foley; Motivational speaker
satan.wav Church Lady: Satan!
touch~1.wav …Touch my Monkey…
snl-chev.wav Chevy Chases opening words; LIVE…
baseball.wav Garret: Baseball been berry berry good to me
da-bears.wav Group effort; DA BEARS!
jane.wav Dan: Jane you ignorant slut!
in_a_van.wav In a van down by the river
conehd01.wav Meps! Meps!
smalley.wav Stuart Smally: I’m good enough…

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