Animation (Misc)

skid.wav Flintstones (cartoon) skid sound
toon8.wav Cool toon sound; Weeooop!
froggy.wav The cartoon singing frog. (Hello my baby…)
woody2.wav Woody Woodpecker hackles.
ltlp_002.wav Pepe Le Pew: It is love at first site.
aypwip02.wav Pinky & Brain:
Are you pondering what I’m pondering?…
speedy01.wav Speedy Gonsalves’ famous scream!
smurfs1.wav The Smurfs theme
panther1.wav Pink Panther theme
onlyone.wav Poo: The beautiful thing about Tigger…
fatalb.wav Fat Albert: Hey Hey Hey
dudley.wav Dudley Dooright Theme
popeye1.wav Popeye theme
critic07.wav The Critic:
You’re watching? FOX: Shame on you
stupid.wav EEk The Cat: Stupid Electronic Device
droopy.wav Droopy: Thank you sir
exitleft.wav Snagglepuss: Exit stage left
tt-song.wav Tiny Toons theme song
george.wav George of the jungle YELL
looney.wav Looney Tunes Theme
bongofee.wav Sounds of cartoon moving feet
bbrevele.wav Cartoon Revile
spider2.wav Spiderman senses danger
mr-magoo.wav Mr. Magoo
mrmagoo.wav Mr. Magoo theme
underdog.wav There’s no need to fear…Underdog is here!
mutley.wav Mutley’s laugh (sniker)
shakeyes.wav CFB: Stop Shaking your eyes!
animan~1.wav Animaniacs: Now THAT’S Common!
byebye.wav Animaniacs: Ok I Love you Bye Bye

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