Beavis and Butthead

chicks.wav chicks.mp3 We need a check that doesn’t suck… No wait a minute…
again1.wav again1.mp3 Hey Hey… Lets do that again.
ahh.wav ahh.mp3 Ahhh! He’s trying to touch my wiener
money.wav money.mp3 Ahhh… We don’t have any money.
keyboard.wav keyboard.mp3Get your hand off that keyboard – buthole!
howto.wav howto.mp3How to talk to chicks: Volume 1, hunting and escaping
heimlich.wav heimlich.mp3Heimlich… Him Lick Manure.
hardpenc.wav hardpenc.mp3Don’t make us leave… Our pencils are hard
cool2.wav cool2.mp3Cool
bnbdumb_.wav bnbdumb_.mp3You Dumbass!
bb-alive.wav bb-alive.mp3Are you like… uhhh.. alive?
12beavis.wav 12beavis.mp312 Days of Christmas
bbathbad.wav bbathbad.mp3I think I gotta go to the bathroom… BAD
bbmxmas.wav bbmxmas.mp3Have a Merry Christmas and a happy yuletide or something
laugh~.wav laugh~.mp3Laugh
didntdo2.wav didntdo2.mp3I didn’t do it!
bb-laugh.wav bb-laugh.mp3Buthead laugh
klingon.wav klingon.mp3Hey Bevis: Lookout for the klingons near Uranus
burnsome.wav burnsome.mp3Let’s go to Stuart’s house and burn something
b&bchick.wav b&bchick.mp3We need a chick that doesn’t suck…
bb-boner.wav bb-boner.mp3B&B talk about boners
thisucks.wav thisucks.mp3This sucks… heh heh heh

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