Note:  I’m surprised you’re reading this.

There is a more long and lengthy TERMS OF SERVICE form which follows this saying basically the same thing, but using more words to make it sound more like a legal document.

All of the images and files within the Frogstar Collections have either been personally written/created by Jeff Goebel, or acquired freely and innocently through emails and other Internet web sites.  Authorship is seldom presented.

Copyright files are removed by request. Please don’t sue me. This is not a commercial site. The inclusion of banner advertising in 2009 were added to pay for the hosting fees and upkeep labour.  This was never intended to be a profit site.  Apparently, I’m not allowed to ask users to click on the banner ads, or I become ineligible. Of course, anybody looking for a “cool” company to host their domain and web site, is one of the coolest.

Thank you for reading my rambling disclaimer rant. I suspect less than 1% of the population ever will, not including those people who would have read it, but they don’t understand English. I’d suggest altavista’s babel fish translator to them, but since they obviously don’t understand English, it’d be rather useless. So, apart from those people, you are in the upper 1%. Since I’ve rambled this much anyway, I might as well mention Jeff Goebel, Frogstar and cool web hosting, consultation and design one more time, just to appease the search engines, which are the only other people reading this far. I deny being on drugs while this was written, although a really cool illegal MP3 copy of a song by Savage Garden was playing on my Winamp while I wrote it.

Although every attempt has been made to screen racial oriented or hate literature from this site, some files may contain coarse or offensive language.  If you are easily offended by such things, how the hell can you live peacefully in today’s world?

… blah blah blah …