Maybe a Scam. Maybe not.

Alex from Togo, maybe.
I do not know this person…

Session Start (frogstar42:alex_loukey): Wed Aug 18 15:21:58 2004

(August 18) 15:21: alex_loukey: Hello Jeff

(August 18) 15:22: alex_loukey: how are you doing ?

(August 18) 15:24: Jeff G: hi

(August 18) 15:24: Jeff G: I have a cough

(August 18) 15:25: alex_loukey: oh take heart

(August 18) 15:25: alex_loukey: you’ll be fine (August 18) 15:25: alex_loukey: have you taken cough drops or something ?

(August 18) 15:25: Jeff G: You don’t know that, stranger. I could die tomorrow. Or today.

(August 18) 15:27: alex_loukey: Well, one could die before your time if you confess and believe that

(August 18) 15:27: alex_loukey: but the reverse will be the case if you reject the illness

(August 18) 15:27: alex_loukey: ok

(August 18) 15:27: Jeff G: Nobody knows when their time IS of course. The cough may be irelivant, and I could get hit by a falling piece of space debris.

(August 18) 15:28: alex_loukey: come on !

(August 18) 15:29: alex_loukey: hey, you want to die ?

(August 18) 15:29: alex_loukey: I love to live !

 (August 18) 15:29: alex_loukey: I advice you to love life but if you chose to die you can do me a favour of signing your will in my name

(August 18) 15:30: Jeff G: I am happy to live each day, but I am aware that it could be my last. Ignorance does not provide me comfort.

 (August 18) 15:30: alex_loukey: lol

(August 18) 15:30: Jeff G: Deep chat for a first timer… unless you know me and I’ve forgotten you.

(August 18) 15:31: Jeff G: No yahoo profile for me to learn more about you.

(August 18) 15:31: alex_loukey: Well, you are speaking with a guru here

(August 18) 15:32: alex_loukey: from Lomé the capital of Togo, West Africa

 (August 18) 15:32: Jeff G: I have been called a Guru a few times myself, although I could never get that position where both feet are inside each other quite right.

(August 18) 15:32: Jeff G: We know of Togo only because it’s a cool name, and the Internet domain is .TO

 (August 18) 15:33: alex_loukey: I see you a kind of wizkid though (August 18) 15:33: alex_loukey: So, where are you from ?

(August 18) 15:34: Jeff G: at 40 years of age, I take credit only for the whiz.

(August 18) 15:34: alex_loukey: So, where are you from ?

 (August 18) 15:35: alex_loukey: <ding>

(August 18) 15:35: Jeff G: Sorry. Toronto Canada. (August 18) 15:36: Jeff G: We use .TO domains a fair amount for our city

 (August 18) 15:37: alex_loukey: I see

 (August 18) 15:37: Jeff G: Did you find me from my web site?

(August 18) 15:37: alex_loukey: I would like to come to Canada but the means is far from reach (August 18) 15:38: alex_loukey: no, from a different one (August 18) 15:38: alex_loukey: and I can’t remember exactly

(August 18) 15:38: Jeff G: Yes. It is a bit far to row boat to. You’ll have to wait till we have another ice age perhaps, and our continents touch again.

 (August 18) 15:38: alex_loukey: lol

(August 18) 15:39: Jeff G: So you just chatted me randomly. That is interesting. I guess it is a neat way to meet strangers.

 (August 18) 15:39: Jeff G: Most people find me because my huge comedy web site.

(August 18) 15:40: alex_loukey: I think so too

(August 18) 15:40: alex_loukey: what is the site add ? (August 18) 15:41: Jeff G: (Link: – lots of fun stuff.

(August 18) 15:41: alex_loukey: ok I’ll check it out now

 (August 18) 15:42: Jeff G: Before death.

(August 18) 15:43: alex_loukey: you really mean to die ?

(August 18) 15:43: Jeff G: No. It was just the theme of today’s chat… so I stuck with it. Tomorrow we may talk of tomatos.

 (August 18) 15:43: Jeff G: hehehe

 (August 18) 15:44: alex_loukey: oh I see

 (August 18) 15:45: Jeff G: It’s the only history you and I share so far. (August 18) 15:46: alex_loukey: hmmmmmmm…

 (August 18) 15:46: alex_loukey: your ste is cute (August 18) 15:46: Jeff G: Thank you. What do you do for amusement?

 (August 18) 15:46: alex_loukey: I guess you will create a free web for me after our discussion

(August 18) 15:46: alex_loukey: lo

l (August 18) 15:47: alex_loukey: I am a security finance company Director

(August 18) 15:48: alex_loukey: deal in safe-keeping of consignments

(August 18) 15:48: alex_loukey: but got no website yet

(August 18) 15:48: Jeff G: I’m not sure I know what consignments are.

(August 18) 15:49: alex_loukey: well it is just a terminology for important properties like gold, silver, diamond, family treasures, etc

 (August 18) 15:50: Jeff G: I see. Seems like the kind of job that might one day bring you to Canada, or at least affoird a visit.

(August 18) 15:51: alex_loukey: sure, that’s the reason I said I would like to come to Canada

 (August 18) 15:51: alex_loukey: but, hey, I need assistance for that

 (August 18) 15:51: Jeff G: There are times when it’s nice here, and times when you’d be better off home. Cold winters, humid summers.

 (August 18) 15:51: alex_loukey: It would be awesome if you could help me out, though

 (August 18) 15:52: alex_loukey: it is a matter of climate and there is always something to do to blend in those times

(August 18) 15:53: alex_loukey: I even like that change

(August 18) 15:53: alex_loukey: because it’s damn hot here in Africa

 (August 18) 15:53: Jeff G: Wouldn’t life be so much cooler if it worked that way. Ask people for things, and they give them. What a cool vision of the universe. Sadly, few crazy people make it to the stage of wealth, so you’re out of luck.

(August 18) 15:54: alex_loukey: what ?

(August 18) 15:54: alex_loukey: you mean you’ve got no $$$ ?

 (August 18) 15:55: Jeff G: I only mean, you’ll have to try very hard to hit a random chat stranger who is insane, and rich

. (August 18) 15:57: alex_loukey: sure, the guru trait will lift me up there and far above too

 (August 18) 15:57: Jeff G: They may exist… so you can spend happy moments trying. There are many many people on this earth, and I have met very few. Perhaps somewhere, there are people that would say Hi to a stranger, and then give them $4000. They may exist. I can’t imagine it being true, but that doesn’t mean you should stop looking. It’s good to have goals. Dreams… I am one man. I can’t know what I do not know.

 (August 18) 15:58: alex_loukey: lol

(August 18) 15:58: alex_loukey: I am self sufficient man !

(August 18) 15:59: alex_loukey: I’ve got the $ here

(August 18) 15:59: alex_loukey: ok

 (August 18) 15:59: Jeff G: I find it hard to believe you really expect strangers to offer you money to travel.

 (August 18) 15:59: Jeff G: oh!

(August 18) 15:59: alex_loukey: just do not know how to eat the $

(August 18) 16:00: alex_loukey: my problem now is who and how to eat the $

(August 18) 16:00: Jeff G: I do not know what that means. I am sorry I misunderstood your request. What do you mean “eat the money” ?

(August 18) 16:01: alex_loukey: yeah, I mean squandering it, displaying it, showing off if you prefer that word

 (August 18) 16:02: Jeff G: I don’t understand. You say you have money, so what is it you need help with to get to Canada for a visit?

(August 18) 16:02: alex_loukey: I mean that I travel here and there and will be visiting the 37th country in two days time

 (August 18) 16:02: Jeff G: You need a tour guide? A friend to show you what is popular?

 (August 18) 16:03: alex_loukey: I just wanted to know what stuff you are made off

(August 18) 16:03: alex_loukey: I never meant that (August 18) 16:03: alex_loukey: lol

 (August 18) 16:03: Jeff G: I am sorry I was confused, new friend. As I said, a lot of strangers chat with me – and you’d be surprised how many ask for money within the first few messages.

 (August 18) 16:04: Jeff G: It amazes me.

(August 18) 16:04: Jeff G: When you said you need help to get to Canada, this was not a far jump for me to assume you were begging. I am sorry I misunderstood.

(August 18) 16:04: alex_loukey: I will be leaving to spend this weekend in Malta Island in my private DSR-80 JET

(August 18) 16:05: Jeff G: Not bad a for a Guru.

(August 18) 16:05: alex_loukey: I do not just know what to do with the $ now

(August 18) 16:06: alex_loukey: when I hadn’t it, I laboured as if it would never come but now it scares me I think

(August 18) 16:06: Jeff G: Wealth can be scary. I am content.

 (August 18) 16:07: Jeff G: But trust me, if you lived in America, there are a lot more things to spend it on and buy. America (and Canada) are made to lose money. (hehehe)

 (August 18) 16:07: alex_loukey: Can you give me your phone number ? I will call you as soon as I arrive Malta

(August 18) 16:07: Jeff G: Why would you call me from Malta?

 (August 18) 16:08: alex_loukey: Just to say HI to a stranger friend (August 18) 16:08: alex_loukey: that isn’t bad, I think

 (August 18) 16:08: Jeff G: We are saying HI via chat just fine. I am more aware of you than you may think

. (August 18) 16:09: alex_loukey: No, I just want to say hi on phone and chat via that (August 18) 16:09: alex_loukey: It’s my $ not call-collect

(August 18) 16:09: alex_loukey: ok

(August 18) 16:10: Jeff G: Are you done with me now then?

(August 18) 16:10: alex_loukey: Well, I do not understand that. You want to leave ?

 (August 18) 16:10: Jeff G: I don’t usually chat on the phone much. I’m not very social that way. I have only cellular, and it costs me per minute. I like the Internet more.

 (August 18) 16:11: alex_loukey: No, I will be calling you (August 18) 16:11: alex_loukey: ok

(August 18) 16:11: Jeff G: I understand that, but my cellular is a per minute rate. I do not use the phone much.

(August 18) 16:12: Jeff G: You were wise not to mention Nigeria by the way. Togo has a much friendlier name.

 (August 18) 16:12: alex_loukey: you mean ?

 (August 18) 16:13: Jeff G: Nevermind… Is your name Alex? I am Jeff by the way.

 (August 18) 16:13: alex_loukey: you just called me

(August 18) 16:13: alex_loukey: lol (August 18) 16:14: alex_loukey: Well, you could be my sales agent in Canada and earn much $

(August 18) 16:14: Jeff G: Is the Malta trip a vacation, or part of your work duties?

 (August 18) 16:14: alex_loukey: do you care ?

 (August 18) 16:14: alex_loukey: Just going to Malta for FUNNNNNNNNNNNN

(August 18) 16:15: Jeff G: Good. Fun is nice. It’s probably less hot than Africa. Tell me of this sales offer.

(August 18) 16:17: alex_loukey: Yeah, I can be shipping unrefined Gold and Diamonds to you for sales because it fetches much more $ over there in Europe

(August 18) 16:17: alex_loukey: how do you see that ?

 (August 18) 16:18: Jeff G: I thought Canadian Diamonds were among the most prized.

 (August 18) 16:18: Jeff G: I don’t think I’d make a good Diamond salesman. I have no clue how to get into that field. I doubt I;’d be a good choice,, but I thank you for the rich offer.

(August 18) 16:19: alex_loukey: it doesn’t matter

(August 18) 16:19: alex_loukey: I just want you to sell and make some good $ for yourself (August 18) 16:19: alex_loukey: I’ll give you your commision (August 18) 16:19: alex_loukey: ok

(August 18) 16:20: Jeff G: I think you are mistaken. I’d need to be an expert to sell diamonds. I don’t know the first thing about it… and you don’t know me. Am I supposed to believe you’re going to send me gems to sell? That is a little hard to believe.

(August 18) 16:21: alex_loukey: I will give you the details on how to go about it

(August 18) 16:21: Jeff G: Cool.

 (August 18) 16:21: alex_loukey: and I will not just send it like that

(August 18) 16:22: alex_loukey: I will need your proper identification

 (August 18) 16:22: alex_loukey: then we will be on

 (August 18) 16:22: Jeff G: Of course,

(August 18) 16:23: alex_loukey: I know that you and me will make good $ by this

(August 18) 16:24: alex_loukey: because though I’ve got the $ here, it can’t be as when I sale outside Africa

 (August 18) 16:24: Jeff G: And then you’ll be more afraid to get rich, so maybe you should just let me keep it all. I know how money scares you. (heheh – that was a joke)

 (August 18) 16:25: alex_loukey: No problem though, I could buy up Canadian government assets for privatisation

(August 18) 16:26: Jeff G: A lot of people seem to prefer Canada to the USA for that sort of thing.

 (August 18) 16:26: alex_loukey: really ? (August 18) 16:26: alex_loukey: For me, I think it is a matter of fame

 (August 18) 16:27: Jeff G: Our Government is much more oipen to foreign investment. Half of everything here is owned by outsiders.

(August 18) 16:27: alex_loukey: there you are ! (August 18) 16:28: alex_loukey: My dream is in the process of being materialized

(August 18) 16:28: Jeff G: Cool how just a random chat can change your life. I am excited.

 (August 18) 16:29: alex_loukey: Not really, I just want to brighten your future as you make much $ from gold sales

 (August 18) 16:29: Jeff G: I am perfect for this. I am already self employed and have a lot of free time.

 (August 18) 16:30: alex_loukey: You are swimming in my ocean now (August 18) 16:30: alex_loukey: Do you still want to die ?

(August 18) 16:30: Jeff G: hehehe. Neat expression Mr. Guru.

 (August 18) 16:30: alex_loukey: or do we postpone the death topic to tomorrow ?

(August 18) 16:31: Jeff G: I never wanted to die… are we not beyond that? I just like to start conversations with random chatters, and that seemed like a good direction. Who knew you’d be offering to work with me by the end.

 (August 18) 16:32: alex_loukey: Sorry, I just got a call from my wife in London

(August 18) 16:32: alex_loukey: I g2g because we would speak for about 2 hrs

(August 18) 16:32: Jeff G: I have one last question

(August 18) 16:32: alex_loukey: herself and my sons

 (August 18) 16:32: alex_loukey: alright

 (August 18) 16:32: alex_loukey: ask

 (August 18) 16:33: alex_loukey: <ding>

 (August 18) 16:33: Jeff G: DO you really think people are gullable enough to believe this? I mean come on… we all know the Nigerian scammers and African scams. I can’t believe you wasted more than a full hour trying to get money out of me. It amzes me. But I thank you for the entertainment, and I’ll be adding this to my web site as humour.

(August 18) 16:33: Jeff G: bye friend.

 (August 18) 16:34: alex_loukey: oh you are wrong

(August 18) 16:34: alex_loukey: I never asked you for a dime

(August 18) 16:35: Jeff G: You will.

 (August 18) 16:35: alex_loukey: and if I may ask, what story will you be telling about this discussion?

(August 18) 16:36: alex_loukey: I just wanted to help a stranger friend

 (August 18) 16:36: alex_loukey: and I am not sad that you rejected the offer and preferred dying

(August 18) 16:36: Jeff G: Ok. Then I am really sorry I wasted an hour of your time. I wish I’d hadf the chance to get to know more before I got suspicious

(August 18) 16:37: alex_loukey: I could get you treated of your persistent cough

(August 18) 16:37: Jeff G: or before you had to go.

 (August 18) 16:37: alex_loukey: ok

 (August 18) 16:37: Jeff G: It just seemed fishy.

 (August 18) 16:37: Jeff G: Life doesn’t work that way.

(August 18) 16:37: Jeff G: People don’t give stranters gold sales jobs and offer them cash.

 (August 18) 16:37: Jeff G: Not in Canada, not in Africa.

 (August 18) 16:37: Jeff G: Unless I don’t understand life like I thought I did.

(August 18) 16:37: alex_loukey: I said you will need to identify yourself first (August 18) 16:38: alex_loukey: did you read that ?

 (August 18) 16:38: Jeff G: Yes.

 (August 18) 16:38: Jeff G: I am who I say I am..

. (August 18) 16:38: Jeff G: What can you offer me of proof that such a job exists, and is possible for somebody with no experience

 (August 18) 16:39: alex_loukey: sure !

(August 18) 16:39: alex_loukey: I would have explained all if I had time

 (August 18) 16:39: alex_loukey: anyway I’ll give you a number to call me when I arrive Malta

 (August 18) 16:39: alex_loukey: ok

 (August 18) 16:39: Jeff G: Then I guess it is a loss for both of us. My suspcions have destroyed my chances.

 (August 18) 16:40: Jeff G: Go speak with your wife. If we meet up online again, we can start over. I am sorry I called you a crook.

 (August 18) 16:40: alex_loukey: no, I could help another person. You only jeopardized your only chance of being helped

(August 18) 16:40: Jeff G: You must understand it sounds like one of those “too good to be true” deals, and since birth, we’re taught they’re all “too good to be true”.

 (August 18) 16:40: alex_loukey: no I did not mean to say that you are a fool

(August 18) 16:41: alex_loukey: ok

(August 18) 16:41: Jeff G: ok. I do not feel a fool.

(August 18) 16:42: alex_loukey: ok take care

Session Close (alex_loukey): Wed Aug 18 16:42:53 2004