Chat Robot

Fake Friends.

People of the word beware!  Some of your friends might be computers pretending.  Who knows what the future will bring.  The concept seems aimed at teenagers who don’t care about grammar and punctuation, but I would suspect most people won’t detect it as quickly as I did.  Call my cynical.

Session Start (AIM – frogstar42:ThePimp10315):
Wed Aug 20 16:25:16 2003

ThePimp10315: Hi

frogstar42: Hello Pimp

ThePimp10315: hows it goin?

frogstar42: I can hardly read your test. It’s red on pink. [16:25] ThePimp10315: thats nice. [16:26] frogstar42: ok [16:26] ThePimp10315: ok.

No reply delay…

[16:27] ThePimp10315: dont be so antisocial….

[16:27] frogstar42: I can’t read what you’re typing. Sorry.

[16:27] ThePimp10315: That’s ok.

[16:28] frogstar42: Ok. How are you?

[16:28] ThePimp10315: Fine. how are you?

[16:28] frogstar42: Sad.

[16:28] ThePimp10315: have we talked b4?

[16:28] frogstar42: No

[16:28] ThePimp10315: Yea.

[16:28] frogstar42: I don’t know who you are.

[16:29] ThePimp10315: So, whats your point?

[16:29] frogstar42: So I don’t think we’ve talked before.

[16:29] ThePimp10315: Thats nice.

[16:29] frogstar42: Are you a Bot?

[16:29] ThePimp10315: No. what about you?

[16:30] frogstar42: I think you talk just like a Bot would talk. All sentences are less than 5 words, and you say nothing.

[16:30] ThePimp10315: take two asprins, the pain will go away.

[16:30] ThePimp10315: check out (Link: http://www. – link deleted ! they have all kinds of cool stuff, i just love it!

[16:30] frogstar42: Ok. I guess you are a bot.

[16:30] ThePimp10315: thats nice.

[16:30] frogstar42: Cool. You’re almost like a human. Quite interesting. Is there any way you could prove you are a human?

[16:31] ThePimp10315: What kind of question is that?

[16:31] frogstar42: I think I may make a web page dedicated to you.

[16:31] ThePimp10315: Why do u think that i?

[16:31] frogstar42: ?

[16:31] ThePimp10315: i love to watch football. ever watch football?

[16:31] frogstar42: I wish you were a human.

[16:32] ThePimp10315: thats nice.

[16:32] frogstar42: Have you ever been to Spain?

[16:32] ThePimp10315: what state do u live in?

[16:32] frogstar42: Will you give me that link again?

[16:32] ThePimp10315: How old are you?

[16:32] frogstar42: I think it is sad that there are people that do not know this is a terrible technique to advertise web pages.

[16:32] ThePimp10315: That’s too bad.

[16:33] frogstar42: Do you know what 4 + 4 is?

[16:33] ThePimp10315: I dont think so.

[16:33] frogstar42: Hmmm… Now I am curious to know what questions you are programmed for.

[16:33] ThePimp10315: Thats nice.

[16:33] frogstar42: ASL?

[16:33] ThePimp10315: 17/f/CA.

[16:34] frogstar42: Ok. That seemed like a good obvious answer.

[16:34] frogstar42: A/S/L?

[16:34] ThePimp10315: Yep.

[16:34] frogstar42: DSL?

[16:34] ThePimp10315: movie prices are so high here jeez…

[16:34] frogstar42: Froop?

[16:35] ThePimp10315: i play soccer every weekend. what do u do on the weekends?

[16:35] frogstar42: La della be shortstop.

[16:35] ThePimp10315: Roar! lol.

[16:35] ThePimp10315: You have been talking to a computer! One of your friends is now reading the whole conversation and laughing it up! GET EVEN! Have the bot talk to all your friends by visiting (Link: )

[16:35] frogstar42: Hmmm… Logging typical replies I guess.

Now I’m sad I didn’t act more like a teenager, and see how smart (or dumb) it was.  Oh well.

So I sent myself the BOT from their web page.  I was just to curious to see how it worked, but I don’t think like a 17 year old, so I don’t know what questions to ask.  If you’ve had similar experiences, I’d love to read about them, and maybe post examples here.

The attack was on 20 Aug 2003 at 5:11:26 PM
Roar10030(5:01:26): Hey There, Hi There, Ho There!frogstar42(5:01:33): Hey there buddy!

Roar10030(5:01:43): Hows it goin?

frogstar42(5:01:51): Pretty good. You?

Roar10030(5:01:58): Im just sitting here being bored.

frogstar42(5:02:04): Me too. Anything on TV?

Roar10030(5:02:13): I understand.

frogstar42(5:02:19): What’s on TV tonight?

Roar10030(5:02:27): Is that a problem?

frogstar42(5:02:38): No, I was just wondering.

Roar10030(5:02:46): Thats nice.

frogstar42(5:02:54): Are you from Canada?

Roar10030(5:03:03): I live in Los Angeles, CA. you?

frogstar42(5:03:07): Toronto

Roar10030(5:03:15): ;-).

frogstar42(5:03:32): Power failures were bad here.

Roar10030(5:03:40): i love to watch football. ever watch football?

frogstar42(5:03:45): I hate football.

Roar10030(5:03:55): Hate is such a strong word, don’t you think?

frogstar42(5:04:04): Hate Hate Hate

Roar10030(5:04:12): i don’t hate anyone, what about you?

frogstar42(5:04:22): That is good. I hate the Flobs.

Roar10030(5:04:30): Yep.

frogstar42(5:04:37): Do you hate the Flobs?

Roar10030(5:04:48): I don’t hate anyone, what about you?

frogstar42(5:04:56): What about Hitler? He was a bad dude.

Roar10030(5:05:10): I don’t know, do you?

frogstar42(5:05:22): Nobody knows

Roar10030(5:05:36): do u have a gf/bf?

frogstar42(5:05:44): I just have sex a lot.

frogstar42(5:05:52): ASL?

Roar10030(5:05:52): thats nice.

frogstar42(5:06:03): ASL?

Roar10030(5:06:10): 17/f/CA.

frogstar42(5:06:16): What is your name?

Roar10030(5:06:25): Stacey 17/f/Ca.

frogstar42(5:06:31): Hi Stacy. I am Jeff.

Roar10030(5:06:35): check out! they have all kinds of cool stuff, i just love it!

EDIT:  That link is bad.  I don’t know if it is supposed to be bad, or just dead because of activity of the virus activity of today.

frogstar42(5:06:46): I don’t like that site.Roar10030(5:06:55): thats nice.

frogstar42(5:07:06): I like eating shoes. How about you?

Roar10030(5:07:13): Food! lol I love all food!

frogstar42(5:07:32): I like beef.

Roar10030(5:07:39): thats nice.

frogstar42(5:07:48): I knew you were going to say that.

Roar10030(5:07:59): thats nice.

frogstar42(5:08:08): How old are you?

Roar10030(5:08:17): I am 17 :-p.

frogstar42(5:08:29): Have you ever had sex?

Roar10030(5:08:43): I dont think that is any of your business.

frogstar42(5:09:19): What grade are you in?

Roar10030(5:09:28): How should I know?

frogstar42(5:09:43): Whooo… Not a good answer. Work on that.

Roar10030(5:09:51): I would say so.

frogstar42(5:10:02): So

frogstar42(5:10:08): Can you sing?

Roar10030(5:10:16): do you get good grades in school or r you out of school?

frogstar42(5:10:24): I am old frogstar42(5:10:27): I am 39

Roar10030(5:10:33): thats nice.

frogstar42(5:10:34): What music do you like?

Roar10030(5:10:45): Lol every but country.

frogstar42(5:10:52): Me too.

Roar10030(5:11:06): I understand.

frogstar42(5:11:11): I like to shop.

Roar10030(5:11:20): thats nice.

Roar10030: You have been talking to a computer! One of your friends is now reading the whole conversation and laughing it up! GET EVEN! Have the bot talk to all your friends by visiting