Tweety and Sylvester

bear2wat.wav Oh… I just can’t bear to watch
butusaid.wav But you said… Never mind what I said!
spoileds.wav Spoiled Sport
helpless.wav My father… shooting at helpless old ladies.
imacat.wav Father… You’re just not human. Of course! I’m a cat.
leter4me.wav What’s this? A wetter for me?
admirer.wav Well whatta ya know, I got an admirer
heeelp.wav Tweety crys for help… Hewp actually.
deadbird.wav Tweety: (sings) I am tweet little bird…
inhhunt.wav Sylvester’s son: Oh father… give up this inhuman hunt
butusaid.wav Sylvester and Son: …Never mind what I said
sufrnsuc.wav Sylvester: Sufferin Succotash
tooncrus.wav You crushed my wittle head…
puddytat.wav Tweety: I tot I taw a putty tat!
tweetysg.wav Tweety sings

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