I must be MAD TV

I’m always fascinated how people find my web site, which is an obvious compilation of humour from many sources, and yet they somehow think I have special knowledge of cast members.  It makes me wonder what kind of mail places like TV GUIDE or cable companies must get.  No surprise that many of the oddest messages come from AOL.  Shocking that they find me, and not the MAD TV web site, or any of the hundreds of web sites that list detailed info on “Dixie Westworth”, who is played by Mary Sheer.

From: (deleted)@aol.com
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 22:33:58 EST
Subject: Mad TV Cast Member

I’m interested in finding information about a former Mad TV cast member. She used to play the part of a very tanned, woman who was always in a bathing suit and the skits always involved a “Cabana Boy” character usually played by a buff male cast member or perhaps guest host?  It’s been awhile but any information or website you could provide to help with my search of who this artist was would be helpful. Thanks, Robin Taylor
Nashville, Tennessee