I am a human! No, really!

A funny thing just happened to me.

This is funnier if you’ve ever had a conversation with a chat robot.  Those “botts” that send you a hello message and then try to have a three or four round conversation with you before sending you to a paid webcam site.

Today, on my web site, a visitor used the built in CHAT function to tell me they liked the site.

I responded with a “Thanks… I love fan mail” and they were suspicious.  I know that feeling.  Chatting with a chat system and you have to wonder if the person on the other end is real, or a bott.

This is the exchange that followed:

Are you really someone or are do you just have certain responses to typical things that people say?

frogstar42: heheh… I wonder things like that too, and it may be hard to prove I am a real human, sitting here.

[Visitor 20039556] …

frogstar42: except for this:  https://frogstar.com/webcams/

[Visitor 20039556] Well okay then

frogstar42: Oh no!  I just realized, the fake humans send you to webcam sites too.  hehehe… Whoops.

[Visitor 20039556] ksjdfl

[Visitor 20039556] ierjfkldsjf

[Visitor 20039556] eijot

[Visitor 20039556] ejopt otj sl;wj

frogstar42: No.  Really. I am Jeff. The owner of this web site. I think it’s funny it’s hard to prove I am a human… and I sent you a webcam link.

frogstar42: Ask me a question

frogstar42: It’s funny, because that’s what I do to spam bots too.

[Visitor 20039556] Okay. If you were to have sex with anyone on the tip of the Empire State Building while wearing an orange jumpsuit, who would that be

frogstar42: I actually have an orange jumpsuit… but I don’t think I’d want to have sex at the tip.  That’s a sharp point.  I’d rather have sex on the top floor.

They never replied.

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