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by Jeff Goebel
Released to the public domain.


by Jeff Goebel
Released to the public domain.

(There is absolutely no set required. The action takes place on a street. Optionally, you may place a mailbox, or a fire hydrant, but nothing is used. The image can be achieved by having extras continually walking across the stage like pedestrians on a street)

Betty: (Casually walking by. She is wearing a gold necklace)

Alice: (Also walking, from the other direction, stops short of Betty, and stares at her)

Betty: Yes? Can I help you?

Alice: I don’t know. I’m wondering, where on Earth did you get that necklace?

Betty: Why? Is it yours?

Alice: Well, that’s what I was wondering? I used to have one just like it.

Betty: Oh? What ever happened to it?

Alice: I don’t really know. I didn’t wear it for about a year and then it vanished. But I always liked it, that’s why I was wondering where you got that one.

Betty: What if I don’t want to tell you where I got this one?

Alice: (Confused) Well, obviously that’s your choice and I can’t make you tell me where you got the necklace. I can’t guess why you would be against telling me, but as I said, that is your option. Thank you. Good-day.

Betty: WAIT! I didn’t say I wouldn’t. I said, what if I don’t?

Alice: Oh. Does that mean you are going to tell me?

Betty: HEY! Are you trying to accuse me of stealing this necklace!?

Alice: (Shocked) No! I just asked where you got it, that’s all. Take it easy!

Betty: Well I DID you know?!? This probably is your necklace! SO THERE!

Alice: I don’t know what to say… Can I have it back?

Betty: WHAT!?!? What are you? Crazy! I stole it. Why would I want to give it back?

Alice: It’s mine.

Betty: But I like it. I used to own one many years ago but I lost it. When I saw yours, I stole it! I have no intention or returning it now!

Alice: Yes, but it doesn’t belong to you! I can have you arrested. You admitted to stealing it.

Betty: Oh, Yeah, silly of me wasn’t it. Well, if I give it to you, will you at least tell me where you bought it so I can get a new one?

Alice: And what if I don’t?

Betty: Well that’s your choice, but I don’t have to give it back to you either.

Alice: Ahhh. But you do, or I’ll call a policeman.

Betty: Right. Please tell me where you bought it. I can’t live without it. I love it. I haven’t taken it off for years!

Alice: How did you lose your original one?

Betty: I don’t know, I took it off to shower once, and forgot about it. Later, when I went for it again, it was gone. Now please, I promise I’ll give it back if you tell me where you got yours.

Alice: I can’t tell you.

Betty: Why not?

Alice: HEY! Are you accusing me of stealing it?

Betty: NO!

Alice: Well, I’ll be honest. I did. It is probably yours.

Betty: Damn! We’re back to where we started. I still don’t know where I can buy one.

Alice: So? You don’t have to, it’s yours. I’m the one without one now.

Betty: Oh yeah. See ya. (She leaves)

Alice: WAIT! You had it originally right?

Betty: Right. So?

Alice: Well, where did you get it originally?

Betty: Gee, I don’t remember. It was over ten years ago.

Alice: Don’t give me that. You remember. Where did you get it?

Betty: Honestly, I’d love to help you. I just don’t remember where I got it. It was so long ago.

Alice: I don’t believe you. You love that necklace as much as I do, I know you would remember where you got it.

Betty: I’m sorry. (She starts leaving again)

Alice: You stole it didn’t you?

Betty: No. No. I just don’t remember OKAY!?!? Don’t give me a hard time! I didn’t steal it!

Alice: HEY! Don’t worry, I know you stole it once, why won’t you admit you stole it originally?

Betty: I don’t have to take this. Good-bye! (She leaves)

April: (Walks on and bumps into Betty) HEY! Where did you get that necklace? (Betty runs away)



  1. Anonymous

    Funny skit, but it is written down twice…

    • jeffg

      Thanks. I didn’t notice until you mentioned it.


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