I have no Mother

(January 08) 18:02: ushers_little_angel: hi

(January 08) 18:04: Jeff G: hu

(January 08) 18:04: ushers_little_angel: who is this

(January 08) 18:04: Jeff G: Usher.

(January 08) 18:05: ushers_little_angel: this is notusher (January 08) 18:05: ushers_little_angel: i know usher’s email

(January 08) 18:05: Jeff G: What an odd way to start a conversation. Hi, who is this? You said HI to me. How can you not know who I am?

(January 08) 18:08: Jeff G: And then nothing. A great chat partner. Thanks!

(January 08) 18:08: ushers_little_angel: shut the fuck up ur welcome bye

(January 08) 18:08: Jeff G: wow. Your mother has taught you well.

(January 08) 18:08: ushers_little_angel: fuck u i don’t have a mother

(January 08) 18:08: Jeff G: hehehe… Good comeback.

(January 08) 18:09: ushers_little_angel: leave me the fuck alone ok

(January 08) 18:10: Jeff G: Then why did you say Hi to me. I will leave you alone. Sorry you bothered me.

(January 08) 18:10: ushers_little_angel: i would talk but u don’t want to talk so bye

(January 08) 18:11: Jeff G: How curious. I thought I was talking, and then you told me to leave you the fuck alone. You are a strange one to figure out.

(January 08) 18:12: Jeff G: .I am Jeff, frogstar.biz fun guy… usually.

(January 08) 18:12: ushers_little_angel: and

(January 08) 18:13: Jeff G: That is what I should have said at first I guess. You said who are you, and if I’d answered Jeff, we would have started on better ground.

(January 08) 18:13: ushers_little_angel: i don’t give a fuk leave me alone ok…….. c u bye

(January 08) 18:14: Jeff G: ok.

(January 08) 18:21: Jeff G: This was fun. I made a web page about you. Thanks.

(January 08) 18:22: Jeff G: http://frogstar.biz/weirdIM/index.asp

(January 08) 18:23: ushers_little_angel: that was very rude

(January 08) 18:23: Jeff G: Of me, or you? I was most polite I thought.

(January 08) 18:23: ushers_little_angel: make a nother

(January 08) 18:23: ushers_little_angel: one

(January 08) 18:23: Jeff G: Another one? You’re making it now.

(January 08) 18:23: ushers_little_angel: how am i asshole (January 08) 18:24: ushers_little_angel: go suck a cock

(January 08) 18:24: ushers_little_angel: mofucker

 (January 08) 18:24: Jeff G: Did I call you that? I just said I found it odd sometimes how strangers can say Hi, and then be swearing at me within 2 minutes for no apparent reason.

(January 08) 18:24: ushers_little_angel: and if any one sees this convo. u is gonna get hurt (January 08) 18:24: ushers_little_angel: ok

 (January 08) 18:25: Jeff G: This is going onto the web page too. Are you sure you want to be threatening me. That may actually be illegal.

(January 08) 18:25: ushers_little_angel: ok so u want me to be nice right?

 (January 08) 18:26: Jeff G: The choice is yours. You said Hi to me. I was being nice. You chose to start the angry swearing. It’s all in your hands.

(January 08) 18:26: ushers_little_angel: ok (January 08) 18:26: ushers_little_angel: hi how are u? (January 08) 18:26: ushers_little_angel: what do u wanna talk about ?

(January 08) 18:26: ushers_little_angel: are u happy now

(January 08) 18:27: Jeff G: hehehe… I am sorry we started so confused. DO you have any idea how you found my ID to chat with today? Have you been a visitor to Frogstar before? What made you say HI in the first place?

(January 08) 18:28: ushers_little_angel: well i was playing pool and i saw someone’s pro that u played with before and so then i liked ur profile and i imed u to tell u that and then u started getting boring and i said hi cuz that is what i always say

(January 08) 18:28: Jeff G: We can stop any time. You don’t really want to chat with me, and I understand that. No worries. NIce playing with you. Feel free to stop and find somebody your own age. I’m guessing 14.

(January 08) 18:29: ushers_little_angel: ok when ever u make a nother web page on mine and ur convo. let me know ok thatnk u take care goodbye

(January 08) 18:30: Jeff G: bye