I really don’t know if this was a SPAM letter sent to millions of people, or just an odd request sent to me specifically because the word “suess” shows me in a search engine.  In any case, when I replied commenting that I only contained five or six jokes containing the words “Dr. Suess”, and have no personal knowledge of the man, who I believe died years ago, I was told she wasn’t asking about the famous Dr. Seuss at all.  Just Dr. Suess… a different guy.  Apparently I messed up.  Dr. SEUSS is the Green Eggs and Ham guy.  She’s looking for Dr. SEUSS, which is how it’s spelling uniquely all over my site.  That explains why I must know the guy, even without a first name.

I left the original AOL address in this posting, just in case any of you know Mr. Suess.

Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 14:43:25 EST Subject: DR.SUESS, I have the same name
I was wanting to get in contact with a Mr.Suess. My name is Heather Berea Suess and I am working on my family history, and he might be in it. I would really appreciate it if he or someone that could help would email me back at I would love to hear from him. Thanks.                       -Heather Suess

My Reply:

Dr Suess is a famous, long dead children’s writer.  I have jokes and parodies one of his stories all over my site.  I have no other knowledge.  Good luck on your quest.

Her Reply:

It’s Dr.SEUss isn’t it. I think you have the ‘e’ and the ‘u’ switched around. <hehe> Maybe there is another children’s story book writer, but I think it’s Dr.Seuss’ green eggs and ham guy? I don’t know.

I sent it because there is a Dr.Suess written on your web page, and then there was no other information for me to get in contact with him. It said Dr.Suess all over your page. Is there not a Suess there?? So sorry if there isn’t, I just went by what I saw and who wrote the pages and so forth. Thanks     Heather