Bugs Bunny

whatd’ya.wav whatd’ya.mp3 Whatta ya think you’re doing?
bugsby.wav bugsby.mp3 Bugs sings goodbye. It hasn’t been a little slice of heaven.
bugssong.wav bugssong.mp3 Bugs’ What’s up Doc theme music
comefrom.wav comefrom.mp3 Now where’d that come from?
goingon.wav goingon.mp3 Heeeey! What’s goin’ on here?
talkinto.wav talkinto.mp3 Well. You talked me into it.
drboat.wav drboat.mp3 Bugs sings about his dreamboat
bonvyge.wav bonvyge.mp3 Bugs says goodbye 15 ways…
ltbb_052.wav ltbb_052.mp3 What a maroon…
ltbb_065.wav ltbb_065.mp3 Of course you know… this means war
ltbb_075.wav ltbb_075.mp3 Be very quite… we’re hunting Elmers
ltbb_078.wav ltbb_078.mp3 I knew I should have taken that left at Albequirky
ltbb_086.wav ltbb_086.mp3 I bet we should have turned left at Albequirky
ltbb_094.wav ltbb_094.mp3 I’m lookin over a 3 leaf clover…
ltbb_096.wav ltbb_096.mp3 Bugs and Elmer in an opera (Kill the wabbit…)
ltbb_102.wav ltbb_102.mp3 Aint I a stinker?
ltbb_117.wav ltbb_117.mp3 Barber of seville song
aletter.wav aletter.mp3 Bugs: What’s this? A letter for me
whatsup.wav whatsup.mp3 Bugs: What’s up Doc?
abracada.wav abracada.mp3 Bugs: Abracadabra
squaredn.wav squaredn.mp3 Bugs squaredance song
bbstove2.wav bbstove2.mp3 Bugs: But would I throw a lit match in there…
bbcrshr.wav bbcrshr.mp3 Bugs: Hey crusher…
bbdntknw.wav bbdntknw.mp3 Bugs: He don’t know me very well – do he?

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