Jeff Goebel's "World Famous" Hiccup Cure

The last hiccup cure you'll ever try.

There are a gazillion hiccup cures in the world, and mine is just another one…

However, this is a hiccup cure with a philosophy.  A hiccup cure to end all hiccup cures.  The ultimate hiccup cure!  You will never need another hiccup cure.

If you take it seriously, IT WILL WORK FOR YOU!

hiccup also hiccough (hîk´ep) noun A spasm of the diaphragm resulting in a rapid, involuntary inhalation that is stopped by the sudden closure of the glottis and accompanied by a sharp, distinctive sound. b. hiccups also hiccoughs. An attack of these spasms.

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition is licensed from Houghton Mifflin Company. Copyright © 1992 by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

The idea behind most hiccup cures is quite fascinating. Each of us has probably tried holding our breath, or drinking a glass of water – perhaps even upside-down, or whatever other odd methods we’ve been told to test. Sometimes they actually work, and other times they don’t. Sometimes certain cures work very well for some people and not at all for others.

If you examine the idea behind all of these cures, we discover a similarity between them. My cure is really just another cure like the others, but if taken seriously, has the advantage of all of them. For myself, it works 100% of the time. For others who perform the solution according to the directions, it also always works.

SURPRISE!  Every hiccup cure is the same hiccup cure.

Although you may have your favourite cure, you’ll soon discover they’re ALL based on one magical technique.  You can try whatever silly cure you’ve been told works, and then you sit there eagerly waiting to see if it worked.

Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. However, if you REALLY concentrate on seeing if the cure worked, it will.  The cure isn’t the act of drinking water upside-down, or holding your breath, or being scared. The REAL cure is the wait AFTER the trick cure that is the real cure.

So I just did away with the trick part of the cure. When I start to hiccup, I stop what I’m doing and concentrate on waiting for my next hiccup. It never comes.  The WAIT is the cure.

Anyone can mentally think away their hiccups. Really.  It works, perfectly.  You may not believe it till you try it.  On the old site,. my guestbook is filled with thousands of people who were amazed.  Lives have been changed.

As long as I can really concentrate on waiting for my next hiccup, without distractions, it works every time. It only ever fails when I’m distracted, and then I just try again with success.  I never ever hiccup more than 2 or 3 times.  EVER.

For beginners, or for very young children who may have difficulty with the concentration aspect, it may be easier to use some fake trick cure to assist in this concentration.  Use whatever cure you’ve tried before, but remember to stress how important it is to concentrate and WAIT to see if you’re cure worked.

I’ve had success with getting people to say “beep” just before their next hiccup. This gets people to concentrate on waiting for the never arriving hiccup without actually realizing it.  At first, they may miss them, and hiccup a few more times, but they’ll be frustrated at missing the BEEP and try harder.  The harder they try, the better it works.

This method has been used with 100% success in the grade 3 class a teacher friend of mine, and I’ve received hundreds of emails from all over the world.  My guestbook is filed with comments from amazed people who are no longer hiccupping.  At one time, this cure appeared as #1 in Google under Hiccup Cure. I have been interviewed on radio, web blogs and in print.



All I ask, is that you remember me when you tell others how great this hiccup cure is.  Tell them you got it from this really cool web site.


  1. trevor farr

    I’ve been teaching all my friends this thought I was special till I bothered to google it lol.

  2. Anonymous

    Glad you’re still doing your thing. I first encountered your website circa 2003-2005ish and it has been one of the most influential things in my life. I cannot tell you how many times this technique has cured the hiccups, and as someone who’s recently taken up alcoholism as a hobby, that’s saying something. I’m curious, though, have you reached out to the Straight Dope with at all? His article, which I’ll link…. now: — is somewhat lacking, which is a crying shame. I suspect hiccups are somewhat voluntary, in the same way that breathing is “some-what” voluntary. Proof? YOU ARE NOW CONSCIOUSLY BREATHING. Boom! (sorry about that, illustrating a point)
    After you resume normal breathing (btw i’m still consciously breathing), my point is the focus. If one does not consciously focus on one’s breathing, then one’s breathing comes naturally, and without thought or conscious effort. Same with the hiccups.
    Thank you again so much for this “cure”, you might just be pivotal in some future hiccup research.
    – Anonymous



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