Your soup is ready… but it’s not.

The microwave Macaroni and Cheese you can smell just beeped – but wait.

I am blogging about this exact situation while I am forced to wait that extra two minutes after my food has taunted me. It’s beeped the ready warning bell, but the box says no. I must not eat it yet. I must wait. I hate that wait.

It’s not that I can’t wait an extra two minutes for that cheesy goodness, but the problem is – I am far from the timer, so I must guess at how long two minutes is. It’s not that my obsessive personality feels the need to wait EXACTLOY two minutes… that isn’t the problem either.

The problem is, that with A.D.D I inevitably end up forgetting about the mac and cheese altogether within that two minutes, as something far more fascinating grabs my attention – for example, blogging about the two minute delay.

2014-10-03 16.19.09Have I waited long enough? I don’t think so. I type pretty fast for a guy who uses two fingers, but don’t get me started blogging about how shocked I am that the schools no longer offer typing as a class, despite the obvious fact that now, more than ever before in history, everyone needs to type. That is a blog for another day, when I don’t have cheese waiting.

MmmMmM. Glorious cheese.

Actually, to be honest – I don’t know if this cheese will be glorious. I’m trying a brand new type of Macaroni and Cheese. The President’s choice brand, although I suspect few presidents, be it of country or company would buy microwave Mac and Cheese, an even if they did, they’d probably buy the premium brand, not the cheap store brand. I know I usually do.

I am trying this brand for the first time with low expectations, but every now and then, store brands are good. Not often, but now and then, and if any product symbolizes poverty better than Mac and Cheese on a Friday night, I don’t know what… so if there were a product to make great and tasty, I think it’s be this one.  That’s forced optimism while I wait for the true taste test.

That has certainly been two minutes… I think. Time is hard to comprehend when you’re in a creative typing binge.

~~~ < symbolization the passage of time.

Mother would be proud. I tried something new, but if I am truly honest, I only did so because it was all I could find in the house, and it’s raining. I bought this thing maybe a year ago, and never really wanted to try it because I suspected it would be bad.

It was.

Not horrible, and not enough to make me gag, or not finish it, but it wasn’t good. It was a glorious Mac and Cheese dinner as I was looking forward to. The texture was good, and I actually quite like the MAC part, and the cheese was a nice orange and flowed with just the right thickness… but I couldn’t actually taste cheese. Sometimes the brain is good at filling in flavor. You can drink orange coloured drink and think it tastes like orange, but cheese that doesn’t taste like cheese is a disappointment. It was too much for my brain to make up.

I finished it, and for now – I’m not hungry… but I’m also not satisfied.