I I am testing a new keyboard that has a silent spacebar for when I’m blogging late at night. The previous spacebars were apparently to loud for her, although they wayI type has alwaysa been particularly gard on the spacebar, all the way back to the Commodore typewriter I had,amd the Commodore Pets I started working with in the 80s.

I’m using it to blog on my phone, which is mirroring to my 55″ flastscreen.

My usual TV computeris dead currently and I have not given it a priority to repair. I started FRiday as if it was a Monday,but I didn’t get ether of thetwo tasks I neede to. It’s now the end of Saturdayand I stayed up to watch the Saturday Night Live premier live, but I was dissapointed top learn it’s cost me at least 30 dollars a month to do so, but it’s free tomorrow withoit the musical guests… weird how gthe world has changed.


Moments later, I gave up.