As I sit in the waiting room on the fifth floor of the hospital I am trying my best not to think sbiit today’s session with the doctor. It’s week two and we have some extra time. Last week we doesn’t some if it in silence while I tried to figure out how to feel emotions.

I’ve learned over and over that my otedic5uons never end up watching reality do tueythepretty much a waste of negative thought. Today I start with tears inside my eyes waiting to drop but it’s as much about being tired than anything else. I slept poorly and woke up poorly.

I like to wake up naturally each morning and remember my dream. When a noise interrupts it’s a jolt. I don’t understand how people use alarms every day.

Today my disruption was a bad one. Whenever a customer calls three times back to back, I know to expect it’s something bad. Today it was a problem with my mail mail server. The first of all my possible problems because people without email are only dlightsl less volitile and angry as people in traffic behind an idiot. If computers had horns, a mail jam would have everyone honking.

This morning, they were beeping different devices. Messenger, tawk chat, sms and phone calls.

…interrupted end. Appointment begins.