I just made this up in my head as a story I might tell to a friend. It’s about a woman in a bad relationship.

One day at work, as a team building exercise some expert recommended, all the employees stood up and stated a positive opinion about each other.

When it was her turn, her fellow employees praised her with glorious reviews, delightful anicdotes and various compliments while she stood there listening without smiling. It was for her, another tedious work-related task she didn’t enjoy.

When she arrived back home, she discussed the events with her partner.

“I hate my job. Everyone hates me and they’re all so fake. We had this stupid event today and they all stood up and showered me with fake compliments right to my face. I can’t trust anyone of them. It was pitiful”

Her partner comforted her and said; “I understand. The world is full of liars who are nice to your face, but talk shit about you when your back is turned. I love you despite all your horrible character flaws. Now go make me a sandwich.”

“Thank you for always being honest with me. You’re the only one I can trust. I love that about you.”

“Ya ya ya, where’s my sandwich, you ugly bitch?”

She smiles and goes to make that sandwich, feeling better about her horrible day.