I’ve been writing more about the concept of now, or a universal now. The single moment if time, that we exist in the aftermath of, and the stories.

All of our existence is in the stories were told.

Or the stories we tell.

Our reaction to now. Our realizations.

Now is always just past. I believe now is just the point in the waves if our existance. Everything vibrates and time is just one. Tine for us, seems to vibrate at the speed if light. If we could follow outward from earth, each moment of time would be seen in the reflection bouncing off earth. As you travel away, you would see time go backwards.

Earth’s story lives on into space, just as the story of every star we see is literally projecting it’s history in a beam of light we can see from earth from the beginning of its time.  If we could reflect a stars light onto the wall, it would play like a movie of that stars life, in real time.

Now just happens to be where we perceive it, and the farther…

I used to think now was universal. The instant if the edge if time us actually just your personal perspective. Your senses record the edge if time moving forward. Depending on how far your senses are, your now may be different. The now of my sunlight actually happens 18 minutes ago… Or is it 8?

The now of my hand may be different from the now of my foot, or your foot.

People’s reactions and realizations if now differ too.  A bang a few feet away is heard at different now’s. If my sister heard a bang a few doors down and called out now, my actions might be delayed by a noticeable amount.

I remember when my mother and I went to see Billy Joel and Elton John together at the CNE grandstand and the seats were so far back, the singing was way off the lip sync on the big screens. I couldn’t watch it because delayed now disturbed me to the point if dizziness.

Sound is a surprisingly slow wave. It’s mind boggling when you first learb the lightning is a second a mile after the flash, and that airplane sound is coming from that plane on the other side if the sky.

Does this mean now is individual perceived in a light universe.  If man had not invented a name and structure for time, would it be different for each if us?

I’m always up for the challenge of guessing time. Alone in the dark, how close do you think k you could guess 7 minutes passing? Or 52 minutes?

I can think a universe on the pause between two words.

If I’m wautibg, a comma can seem like an eternity. If I’m telling the story, a year can be recapped to a sentence.

Studies show were happier waiting when we know how long, because not knowing g can seem like days.

I’m tired now… Or I was. Still am.

End of now transcript…

No. I like that.

Jeff Goebel  transcripts of my NOW