I have been working to combine the written portion and the video portion of my daily – oh yeah, I guess it kind of is a routine. I’m still getting used to how much I am surprised each day as I materialize suddenly. Itmight be any time of the day or night,

Just did the opening.  Horrible. Of course. I know I am attempting to be real and not change for the camera, but this really isn’t the me I grew up as. Am I content with the new me being so… unlikable?

No… I don’t want to use that word. I just think likability is one of my pride points, but it’s going to be harder when I look like a homeless meth tweaker that hasn’t showered in a week, picks his nose, his ass and his teeth with the same hand within a few minutes of each, and then eats 3 Hershey’s kisses.  Loop repeats.

I can’t decide which format I like, but some times I’ll focus on the witing and some times I’ll need to just rant… but if I want to be able to look it up later, I’ll want it to be in text. In words I can vsiually memorize having typed, but I know its here if I need it.

I never really do. I’m realizing that everything I’ve written before doesn’t need…

Why do I like setting rules and reasons to not do things?

Hello fan.  Thanks for checking me out today… eww…  N

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It’s the Orange Jeff Show.
Fake Monday. Tuesday Feb 20.

The Orange Jeff Chronicles.  A nod to the name of the Pilot Episode of what you may remmeber as the Show Seinfeld. Nerd fans will want you to know the show was originally titled that in it’s trial run, which failed just enough to let them try again, except they replaced Christopher Pike with Kramer.

The original show was always bookmarked by the Stand up comedy of Jerry Seinfeld. That would be the character on the TV show named Jerry Seinfeld, who was a stand up vommedian too, but not related to Jeffy Seinfeld the actual stand up commedian who became quite famous, and suitably plays the role of the fictional Seinfeld.

I think I ruined it in there…

It occured to me that my blogging can be like that in a way. Things I menton here in my writing, may have insopired a long monologue on video, and other things I may have mentioned during a broadcast I may want to write here.

insert interaction here.

End of Part one.