I don’t know if it is the greatest or dumbest idea, but

Why so extreme? Can’t it just be ok.

You mean meh?

I’ve never used meh.

That Emoji Movie has me thinking of meh.

I even posted a long birthday message about hearing meh from a ffriend who’s birthday today happens to be. On Facebook, it tells you your friends’ birthdays and I’m always a little bit adgitated by the scores of people who post happy birthday and nothing else, even if it’s the first contact between them in 10 years.

If there was a wish them happy birthday by clicking this single button, people would. Facebook almost makes it that easy, but you have to actually type Happy Birthday. I’m shocked at how impersonal that is, or seems to be to me. Even Happy Birthday Buddy adds some personalization. Perhaps a second line of sentiemnt.

ding side realization.  When I used the term “scores of” in the previous paragraph it may have been the very first time I’ve used scores. I don;’t know if it’s odd or normal, but I remember what I’ve said before, at least as far as words or phrases that are new. I chose to say scores of because a few and several didn’t imply the larger crowd that I was trying to project. It seemed like a word that meant lots… but as I typed it I realized that in fact, it is an actual values. Scores of women at my party would be like saying dozens of women, except a score is 25… I think.

Hey Google. What is the value of a score.

Huh. It is 20, not 25. I made my guess based on the four score and even speech however I truthfully have no idea how many years he was talking about. I made the error of assumption that 4 scores was 100. I guess he was saying 87 years ago. I wonder if it was an arrogant way of saying 87.


The phone rings.  We’re talking while Survivor OMG.

I predicted the future.

Almost. I think both my stories were better. It’s not uncommon for me to predict the ending of TV shows, but that isn’t what happened. While watching Survivor Ghost Island premier with a friend, we had been talking about some of the great moments, and the first time that cool guy made the very first fake idol. It seems they give the contestants increasingly good ingredients and opportunity to make fake idols as well a making the real ones more generic.

Fake idols are a part of the game, and Jacob made a really bad fake idol, and really blundered because he didn’t have the Ghost Island story to back it up. Everything this season is themed.

I suddenly thought, it would be cool to have a real idol, but to throw suspcion off, present the fake idol. Then have everyone vote for you and play a real one. It would be an audience WOW moment.

Then the very next scene, the guy with a real idol, is creating a fake. I blew my mind.

He didn’t use it as I imagined, and in the show’s story, he totally missed his opportunity and in fact, wasted the whole effort. By showing a fake idol and a real paperwork, all you did was confuse the guy. No gain.

If he had given the guy his idol to make a bond, it would have been a hilarious wow moment. The kind of genius we leap out of out chairs for. The moments that Survivo gives us… but tonight it was more a WHOA!  That was a mistake.

Hmmm… I wonder if this whole season we’ll see people make realluy really bad descions.

So far they have. It is a curse.