4 am on a Saturday, the regular crowd pouring in. Yes. I finally fit it in its slot. It’s been out of sync.

I do not pull that rope and ring that loud bell every time a puzzle piece fits. It just means the next sign will appear like a Pez.

If my life were a tv movie, it’d have certain signs, and why am I married to Minuette?



Today I learned the feds shut down some of the sex worker body trafficking rings. The famous back pages are down and replaced with the fed agency badge graphic.

I’m actually happy about that despite appearing on any surveillance tapes at the reason that day I ended up getting high and spending about 800 on research for my emotional journey sex and drugs blog.

The review. The new version of Grammarly could be my new favourite sift keyboard on the phone. I have nothing to back it up, but I tell it

I blanked and rebooted.

The keyboard might be ideal.

It’s time for.


Search complete. I was unable to locate a free insert pic of old man who would open the earlier episodes of Monty Pythons Flying Circus. His only line was its and they’d quick cut to the show.

Yrs. I like they Grammarly keyboard do far. It is now themed to be almost the exact look and placement I left. That’s huge because one we cross the peak we earn the ability to refuse to update. Nope. I’m happy with some of the old ways. No more change.

Stop. I wish I could get ?y blog post title to be visible for reference stvsll times.

Break. Did I? No. I changed keyboard and continued. I see a big difference in how great it us to he bankrupt worthy and

It’s like Spock on Spores or me in Second Life.