I just finished watching the ABC Fall Preview and writing a blog review elsewhere. I find my PVR has also recorded the Global TV Fall Preview too, and since I’m in the writing mood, I decide to check it out. In Canada, Global TV is one of the big networks but it buys many of it’s shows from American production, so you may see shows here that span the American networks.

Starting with Supergirl, which is a show that excites me. I watched every episode of Small village and loved it. Although I’m not a comic book child, I do enjoy super hero movies and TV shows. This one appeals to me because they seem to have taken a fresh new approach, and her secret identity is revealed pretty early on. It seems Supergirl will live in a world where at least her close circle knows she’s Supergirl. I think that will allow for a lot of humour. I know if my best friend was Superman, I’d be cracking jokes and trying to take advantage to that all the time.

She’s also the first real girl superhero if you don’t count Nikita. That appeals to me as well. She’s cut and fun to watch. I’ll admit to that.

Sadly, it doesn’t premier till late October. I’ll have to keep waiting.

By the way – I couldn’t care less how Canon the story is. I know nothing about Superior’s comic history, and frankly don’t care. Like Smallville, this is about a girl living in our world.

It also stars Calista Flockhart, which I watched through Alley Macbeal. I hope she does great too.

speaking of heroes, hero’s in reborn. I loved season one of the original and was all on the Ave THE CHEERLEADER, SASE THE WORD bandwagon. I love super power human shows. I’ve watched a lot of them including the British Misfits.  It’s great to see Zachery Levi from Chuck and Greg Griner from every JJ Abrams production back on TV again..

I can’t say if I’ll like it or hate it from the preview, but I’ll be watching the pilot for sure, hoping to like it.

Angel from Hell with Glee star Jane Lynch is a new show about a rougher than usual Guardian Angel. It doesn’t have the same Christians vibe that touched by an angel did, of second chance with Al Waxman, but I still enjoy this genre. She is here to assist PYSCH star Maggie Lawson, who’s smile always makes me smile.

I think I may love it.

I don’t watch Chicago PD or Chicago Fire, so I probably won’t watch Chicago Med, but I wish them well. I do watch some hospital dramas, but this whole theme seems very real and thriller-like, so I get tense and don’t enjoy them as much.

I do think it’s neat that all three shows live in the same universe and time-line. I’ve always dreams of a really cool show idea where three shows like this, or a fourth Chicago Law would air on the same night and be the same crime through each of the episodes. That’d be cool.  The original Law and Order started with that idea, each week, but it faded.

Minority Report was a cool movie, and this new series seems to have tamed down that plot in favour of a regular cop procedural. It’ll probably be more like a physic / cop team solving crimes with flash clues and hints. We’ve seen many of these before with real and fake physics and most of them were ones I watched.  Medium, The mentalist, Psych and Ghost Whisperer. I should probably like this one, especially since for extra bonus, it takes place in the future, so we’ll see cool cars and gadgets and crazy tech.  I miss last year’s failed Almost Human future cop drama, so I hope this is a good replacement.

Limitless was a motion picture I’ve almost watched at least a dozen times. I think I’ve seen the first 15 minutes at over and over during the last few years. I just never got into it. The premises however is one I like, and based on the commercials alone, I think I’ll like it. Supreme Smart people fascinate me, and a super crazy smart guy is bordering on a super hero plot. I am sure I’ll back and laugh at some of the crazy things a smart brain I supposed to be able to figure out instantly to help Forward the case, but I hope it’s more like Scorpion, where the facts are often bogus, but not enough to break my attention and enjoyment.

To those who have seen the commercial, Bradley Cooper is involved in the production, but will almost certainly not appear in the show past the pilot.

It certainly seems like I’ll be recording more on Global than ABC.

Stay tuned for updated reviews as these shows premier.