Sunday is a special day in our culture. It used to be the official day or rest for society, based I supposed on Christianity – but really meant as a day off for everyone… until it wasn’t, and we got greedy. Now almost everything is open on Sunday, although some still have limited hours. We all need a break day, even if we don’t work very hard the rest of the week, and it’s convenient to share the same day off as others. It just makes sense.

Sunday is a concept.

I like the idea of Sunday, even when it isn’t actually Sunday. I often post on my Facebook wall that “I am Sundaying” as an expression of laziness, no matter what day it is. If I’m not doing my usual routine, and just sitting at home taking a day off, I call it a Sunday.

Perhaps laziness isn’t the right word. When done right, a Sunday isn’t about being lazy so much as just setting aside a day to not do the stuff you do the rest of the week. For those of you that work 5 or 6 days a week at a more regular job, a lot of Sundays are filled with hard work. I’ve seen people with hobbies or the urge to build spend every weekend remodeling a basement, or rebuilding a car, or off-roading into the forest to hike a mountain or shoot a deer. The point is, to many people, Sunday is a very active day.

I don’t work a regular job. I don’t leave my home to earn my income, so there is often no difference to me between a Tuesday and a Sunday. My weekends can be any day I want, but I still choose to celebrate weekends with everyone else. Neat things open on a weekend, and since I don’t have a real hobby. I enjoy street festivals and fairs and other walk around events, and many of them happen on a Saturday or Sunday.

So I alternate as schedule permits and sometimes I have my Sunday on the Saturday, like I did today. Today is Saturday for everyone else, but I Sundayed it up, doing very little. I went and bought some meat and veggies at the market, and then just stayed home inside all day watching movies and TV. Relaxation. Sunday.

Tomorrow on your Sunday I’ll be out on Saturday adventure.