I thought to myself as I watched; what a great idea. A school somewhere in the USA has brought rocks into the classroom as an alternative deterant method.

I’d think twice about running into a room with a gun if I knew ev ery kid had a rock in their hand. That is a visual memory you can come up with and believe.

The reality is that kids should hide and try to avoid being a target, for throwing roks as an easy example, but the reality doesn’t lessen the treat. The gunman knows rocks are a possability, he might move on.

However the real truth is that the rock idea gives children in a classroom the ability to feel like they did something. It allows them to attend schol and not be in constant fear. It’s a great stress relief for the kids I suspect.

Now I’m not taking into consideration the future problem of crime and bullying incidents related to rocks. Rock deaths could be higher than gun deaths if things go wrong, but I suppose there will be 20-45 other kids ready to judge, sentence and punish at a moment’s notice.

Then Trevor Noah goes outy of his way to mock and desttroiy those por children. He laughs as if that is the obvious respeonce. Trevor grew up in a different world, and maybe he never learned that sticks and stones can break one’s bones. The American kids all know that.

Rockls are a terrible offencive weapon but they might just be a simple solution to the fear that these incidents are casuing.

By the way, speaking as a Canadian who watches your stories with sadness, I should point out that one of the prime difereces that lead to this being a problemn, is that the people who do it, all become known. Somebody paid attention.

In Cnada this week, a schol was cklosed in a neaigbouring city. School shooting.

Nobody outside that community knows about it.

Nobody got famous that day.

That reduces motive by an undetermined amoun t but if it isn’t zero, it might be worth a try. How about sayting ; another shooting today. Details wiotheld to those effects locally.


Evening sum up?

blah. A wednesday. 2 days till doom.