Star Trek Conversation

Overheard at in the opening day line to see the 2009 Star Trek movie.

No Spoilers. 

I was also highly entertained by the line chatter of the nerds and geeks and trekkers and trekies in the line for the new release of STAR TREK in 2009.  I’m a big fan of other people’s conversations in a situation like this. Nobody debates and argues like a good Trek fan… except maybe Mac vs PC or Android vs iPhone arguments.

Overheard (paraphrased from memory):

But the Enterprise has a universal GPS system.

> Well, if you want to use that word… it’s hardly GPS. I mean, it’s not satellites.

It’s big anyway… If it uses the stars, it still works like a GPS, telling them where they are.

> The Navigational Computer.

I think that calculates routes, not where they are.

> A GPS does both.

They had a whole room for navigational positioning in Voyager like it was something new.

> Whatever… The enterprise has always had a map of the universe.

They’re going where no man has gone before…. I think they’re making the maps.

>Right… and sometimes they trade for maps of new areas. Neelix helped a lot when he traded for new maps.

So it’s all the same computer? How come it goes down with everything else? When the computer core goes down, they can’t navigate. That’s dumb. Doesn’t each computer have enough on it’s own? A GPS fits in my hand.

>But a GPS has one city or country. The universe is big. > Besides, it’s in the Canon. One computer for everything. They use terminals like the old days.

How come when they eject the core, computers still work?

>Different core.

I think each desktop could handle it all. Maybe they will in this movie.

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