It has been a long time family tradition of mine to say RABBIT as the first words on the morning of the first day of every month.  As a kid, we used to try to have it be the first thing, but more importantly, we said it to each other in the family before the other said it to us.  As an obsessive kid that liked to win at any game I could (because I usually lost), I took it seriously, and always did my best to remember to RABBIT my mother and sisters each new month.

I continue this tradition today, and have introduced it to many new friends online. We try to out-rabbit each other every 1st. On Facebook, I try to only Rabbit friends when I know they’re already awake and online. If they post or chat, they get a RABBIT.  Just posting it openly on my Facebook status or tweet isn’t in the spirit of being first.

More recently, I’ve added the image element, and try to find a smile-worthy picture of a rabbit each month, which I post on my wall only after the game has played out with all the involved parties.