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I was called in to work today when my plans ahead of time had been to stay in and catch up on old work I was behind on. Yesterday had also been a day when there was a big difference between what I expected and what actually happened.

When I fall behind, I tend to get a bit stressed, and that means I enjoy myself less, and fall behind even more. On days – no, weeks like this ie turning out ti be, I need a good lunch. Microwave a 99 cent pasta box or pizza pocket won’t return my mood to productivity like a good buffet will.

Back in the days when I lived in more populous cities, one of my favourites was the Pizza Hut buffet, perfect on so many levels.  I have been enjoying them, although in reduced frequency since they began the practice years ago at $5.99.

Since many of my friends prefer other “less greasy” pizza brands, and a $20 solo pizza lunch want practical price or portion wise, the buffet was perfect.

The variety wad also a great way to taste new ingredients without commitment, and was responsible for several flavour discoveries over the decades. Who knew I liked hot peppers.

My job finds ne all over the city, and over the years, I took some pride in locating,  testing, and personslly rating as manu Hits as I could find. Some favored poorly, and some, like the one I find myself in today, ranked well.

I can recall great stories in many Huts across the city. I have written quite a few journals from ny phone while enjoying Za @ Pepsi.  I remember the coming, going and return of the Mac and Cheese pasta side dish, a favourite item that brought me here today, far off my usual path.

Today however, I sit and write a sad story, not a happy one.  For a few years now, I have been witness to the decline of the all I can eat pizza lunch experience. One by one, locations on my various day routes have been closing or converting to delivery only locations. The numbers dwindled each year and it was actually starting to be a challenge. In my home city, Pizza Hut vanished completely, the week I moved in. I knew the end was coming, but I knew there were still some great locations I could count on. My weekly visits turned to monthly, or less.  Each return was now an event to blog and celebrate.  Pizza day!

Today was to be perfect. The timing was just right, Getting here before noon, so I can request the Orange pasta first, and less selections without onions or mushrooms – two pizza mainstay topics I ironically hate.  Ironic? Probably not the right usage.

As I walk in, I get that slump in my heart. The buffet table isn’t lit. The familiar sign with missing letters is gone. It looks refashioned as a salad bar… I know what this means inside, but ask with optimism anyway; Am I early?


They don’t do the buffet anymore.

But worse, she seems confident its chain wide. The experiment is over. People have moved on. Salad killed my favourite lunch.  TV tells is we ate too fat.


In memory, rather than go home weeping, I order a full medium deep rush, just the way I like it, pay the $20 bill and remember the past with this blog.

I’ll miss you Pizza Hut buffet.