Somethig that frustrates me in this new connected world is that we can see tonnes of cool people but they’re not in my city. Any future for me is digital and virtual. 

I’ve never had great success with online friends. They last till they don’t. I suppose I could look for — I digress.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a quality luxury nightclub / dance club that everyone could go to at the same time. Wouldn’t it be cool if this nightclub had very few rules, and drugs were welcome until the point somebody throws you out.

Wouldn’t that be cool?  I am pitching a virtuial restauarnt at the end of the universe. One place you can go from anywhere and even any time and get a free meal. That is the Hitchikers Guide to The Galaxy’s Milliways. They use time travel tricks, which I’m still working on… but I have an interesting proposal.

I pitch a virtual #D Avatar nightclub, perhaps Mollyways as a tribute to both the drug, and the Restauarat at the End of the Universe.  We could be the hot spot of the other universe.

Anyone from any country can log in, choose from a series of avatars from the virtual coat check, and enter. One side is like Dave and Busters but with sit down games, and the other side is a multi story masterpiece in various music styles. A list of suggested drugs for each style and tempo.

There are even trippy simulated drugs that can be a part of the fun if you choose.

It could be a nightclub with dozens or hundreds of people, but with one difference. Each level comes with a real DJ and MC. At certain times, Performers of the night will mingle and interact in a conversation starting way.

The virtual main ballroom has a connected suite of offices availble to rent for virytual meetings, perfect for interactive meetings from neighborhood comitties or business deals. Voice works like in the real world if you set your equipment (available for sale) correctly, but is also available push to talk.  Bluetooth earpieces work quite well.

The Cloud 9 suites on the 9th floor have romantic themes and your avatars can meet and converse, fondle, or have wild hot sex with over 200 sexual positions, either played for you like a show, or interactive with controls you can learn.

Custom scripting is a side income because everything you can concieve is achivable, within the confines of the current 3D Avatar system currently in use.

Best of all, private chat of course is available, and you get to create your own profile, so people can learn about you before even saying Hi. This is of course optional. You can remain so anonymous, you actually show up to the club as a Rabbit… or a horse, or a huge green furry thing like the …oh, like the blue furry thing from that pixar movie with Billy … crap. That’s the age thing already. Going for th name you know and forgetting it before you can exhale… or type. It is jumping up and down with the ..crystal.  Billy Crysal.  I think it was called Monsters Inc. 

wow that was an old man sentence.

In the version I’d use, I’d leave out the live brain transcripts.  LBT’s

Thats way better than the other names although Live Brain Transcripts of NOW

I have not given up the concept of now as vital. it is the God we can never reach. We can not percieve now.  wait.

I can not percieve now, so I often make statements or descions before I have thought them with the concious… brain. voice.

Weird I just visuaized that I am the second voice and the inner voice is first and last. As a cloud, that voice thinks the th…

I stop. It is clear I think differently when I am not typing. A toke on a 3 week old dab pen with flavour. Not really high but writing high.

I realize I lied to my sisters. I have been high since the hospital. ish.

I didn’t want the entire chapter from hospital to the first addiction meeting to be undocumented but…

oh.  I guess the pitch for mney got benched, like every other idea I write at night.

I hate that I do that. I think you could sell that idea nation wide on a tour with video and VR demontrstaions but no mention that it already exists until somebody yells it out. ha

The key is to sell it verbally or video online but sell the support guides, the activities and games, the dating, the live bands, the theme nights.  Sell the nightclub with cover charge but no charge virtual drinks. Live staffed waitresses. 

Run it like a 24/7 real word interface nightclub. sell the avatars. sell the customization. sell the clothes. It can be addicting but the amount of clothes avaialble to but nearly equals the real world. And because there are no countries, no time zones, no visual confirmations, it’s very free and open.

Did I mention there are BDSM classes and several for rent or public dungeon areas.

Charge for orgies.

I know not everyone will be into the avatar as much as others and many will ignore the sex options as silly or strange, but it can also be very romantic to some people who may have a hard time in the real world. In this world, you can find best friends, or be paired up to dance in the club.

Don’t think virtual avatar dancing to a high tempo EDM beat isn’t fun on molly. I’ve danced for 6 hours in the club.

Next, when the sun comes up you can see the driving range, racetrack out front and the beach out back, with another DJ playing beach hits.

Lastly, we can come clean and say it’spart of the most mind blowing 3D avatar world you can concieve, and then some. The only reason Second Life isn’t being used by almost everyone like The Oasis in Ready Player One, is becase the graphics still suck. The average gamer expects more, and in fact, the graphics continually break you out of the spell. I kind of wish they made them less manipulatable and more like a game cut scene. The motions and functions of the game are beyond what you cand think of, content wise, but the graphics are 2018, not 2020.

The gameplay isn’t the same as Grand Theft Auto as an example  with a higher level avatar detail, but make no mistake. Second Life is not a game. It really is, the Oasis from that movie, or The Multiverse from Snow Crash. Second Life is the same as this universe. It’s limits have only tio be imagined, to create. I only hit a few uses with the nightclub but there are churches, schools, horses, cats, dogs, birds and boats and planes and helecopters. Did I forget to mention you can fly. That’s even Something the Revery can’t do.

As long as you feed yourself in the real world, there are thousands of people all over the world, living in Second life full time, and making a decent living. For real.

Thousands more, part time but daily. On my first day, high on meth, I spent 16 hours straight, and then Sunday and Monday straight. I think I spent $300 real world money. I was hooked by a beautiful voice escort.

Yes. I fell in love. Of course much of that was on Molly first. Second Life is great for molly users because you forgive eveything irritating about the graphics glitches, and lose yourself in that universe.

It might be cool to create the club VR only and … no. They don’t have the power needed.

I also had the idea that Pot Lounges might like to open their very own 24/7 second location in the alternate universe. It’d be a catchy gimick to sell in a twon that might have comptition, or a sneaky way to move into a new town, by promoting the local virtual version first.

It could dhre hours on a big screen 1-1 ratio open hours and stay open after hours to continue your mingle or pickup.

Entertainment can be virtual OR streaming real world video.

We COULD stream shows on a scheule… so newly met friends can sit in the same theatre to watch The Gods Must Be Crazy for 52 weeks straight or Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

$100 starter kit includes….

Very attractive o your preference personal tutor and on call moderator like in Ready Player One, SNow Crash and whateer future movie it was where Orlando Bloom was the encyopedia on call in a tube… Or was it the guy from Rocky Horror, Tim Curry. My memory of men in tbes being on call with the answers has expanded. I’m even thinking of — well, I was thinking of a punchline extreme, but it must not have passed the inner voice sensors… err. censors. I forgot it s I was typing it.

11pm. Bed time.

end of part 1.