When the Internet is down, the email editor seems to be the best way to blog. It still works like an editor with spellcheck and copy and paste. It seems almost everything else won’t even load without the Internet. I have the WordPress app on Windows and I thought it would work without, but it has no options or features at all unless logged in.

It’s a Wednesday, although I’m doing y best to treat every day this week as if it were a Monday. It’snot always going well. I go to sleep early and wake up late and spend a few hours each day working towards my goal. The goal of ridding my apartment of bed bugs.

I have not been openly vocal on Facebook about it because bedbugs are kind of like Leprosy.. Nobody wants to be near you or associate with you in case they get infected.

I have not missed the Internet and TV much. I can check my mail on the phone and even if I happen to go over my 6gb of data this month, extra GBs are $10 for every extra 2GB. I do have to be careful though because I have missed so many bills and my debt is so high, I could miss the cell bill too, and that would be bad.

The problem with debt is that it gets bigger when you miss one or two. I think it’s almost $600 to get my Internet and TV back.

So the work helps me avoid or ignore the problems beyond this new distraction. Bed bugs are quite the distraction. Everything in my apartment has to be moved or thrown out and if it was in a cardboard box, I moved it to plastic bins, which are quite expensive in a time when I have no money. Luckily a friend donated some to the cause, including two #orange ones.

In fact, right now, August 21 I have a lot less than no money. I’ve bounced my car insurance, which was a payment I swore I’d never miss again because years ago, missing that bill caused them to cancel my car insurance. Getting new insurance when yours has been cancelled is a crazy expense but I happened by fluke to have a new accident in the grace period and it went up to 6000 dollars that year.

August is a good cheque month in general, but its also a month where a lot of the accountants go on vacation, so although I used more than $3000 in invoices, it seems a lot of them will arrive in the next few weeks instead of now. I just bounced the mail server withdrawl.

Adding it up, I’m going to need more than what’s coming in to pay what I owe before the loop starts all over again on September 1st.

I don’t want to think about it, so my days is mostly, sleep, pack and throw out. I have found some pretty cool things I didn’t remember. I also found a lot of cool stuff I can sell online.

Tonight, I’m watching Batman vs Superman or Superman vs Batman. I’m not sure how far into it I’ll get before deciding to bail and switch to something ligher.

This is the film they probably thought was going to be great as they were creating it. Lots of deep and dark effects and plot lines, but I’m not too impressed so far. Both Batman and Superman seem to be bad guys and I don’t think that’s what people want in a SuperHero.  I don’t like my superheroes to be evil.